Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I was initially asked to make a mix for Fabric to share with its fans and party goers - normally a simple task. Living in Berlin for the Summer, I thought finding a DJ setup in a city full of professionals would be easier than it was! I was able to piece something together at a friend's place with one of the most basic and junky mixers I've used since I was a kid.

However, after a couple hours of mixing on my new toy tin can, things started to come together. This mix includes some of my own nu music (nu release on Mike Shannon's Cynosure) as well as old and new favourites. I threw in a few of my "Bredits" (as my friend calls them) for some unique DJ fun. Hope ya'll dig. See you soon.

01. Brett Johnson - Detrás En El Pegajoso - Cynosure Recordings
02. Pablo Bolivar - Magnum (Tigerskin Remix) - Absurd Recordings
03. John Tejada - Vertex - Palette Recordings
04. Mike Monday - Plankton (Pezzner Unreleased Mix)
05. Brett Johnson - Southern Dandy - Cynosure Recordings
06. DJ Pierre - Master Blaster (Bredit Synthapella) - Strictly Rhyhtm
07. Chez Damier - #49 (Bredit) - KMS
08. Chez Damier - #49 (Original) - KMS
09. Frank Solano feat. Aren B -Beautiful Connection (Fred Everything Vox Mix) - Loudeast Records
10. Black Joy - Untitled (Bredit) - Freerange Recordings
11. Moodyman - I Can't Kick This Feeling - MM Records
12. DJ Koze - Mrs. Bojangels - Ciscus Company
13. Paul Rutherford -Oh World (Universal Mix) - Ummm....can't remember.


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