Monday, June 22, 2009


Trash-Time. It´s part of my artist-life on tour: times in cabs, at security-check, soundcheck, hotel check-in…

Some weeks ago one engine of the MD11-plane imploded on our flight from Quito in Ecuador to Bonaire Island. So, I had to wait many hours with 260 other stressed people for damn KLM to get us out there. Trash-Time. Wasted-Time (the lil’ airport in Bonaire ran out of internet-vouchers within 20 minutes and we couldn’t get out of the waiting lobby). But! Guess what? I had Tenori-On in my hand-luggage. I was one of the few winners in the situation.

I was working in Ecuador on my new Chill-Out-Album (Ambient Film Themes Vol.1) that is comprised of soundtracks that I’ve done for different films and TV-documentaries since 1999. This was the perfect moment to get the final tracks started. The Tenori-On offers a great matrix (16 to 16 small LED-buttons) with sequencing modes like normal 16-step modes known from drum machines and computer-sequencers. But it also features some new, very fancy modes like random mode or bounce mode. I used the bounce mode on my new Get Physical 12" track V-Point for the crazy marimba arpeggiator melodies. Every time I play that in a club people scream. I think it’s because of the, ahem, yes: Bounce-Mode! The notes "fall" or "jump" up and down. For the chillout tracks I use the random mode quite often as it offers me easy rhythmic random changes. Random means it seems that it’s changing all the time, but in the end, it´s the same thing. It’s very useful as you don’t need to program it by hand…the Tenori-On does it for you! Thanks Toshio Iwai (he invented the Tenori for Yamaha). The onboard sounds are nice but I also load some of my acoustic recordings into the machine. I also use the Tenori Matrix as a sequencer in my studio. As I usually don´t make music with plug-ins or computer based setups. I prefer all kinds of hardware gear for making music.

A typical setup in my studio is a Roland 808, 909 and 606 (the 909 triggers all machines ), a MPC 1000, a Moog prodigy and the Tenori-On. I like the clock of the Machines more than a Computer clock (especially the shuffle of the 909 or unquantized loops on the MPC (I use the MPC as a MIDI-sequencer and Sampler). With modern hosts like Cubase, it’s easy to cut the jam-sessions as 24 or 32 bit wave files on the computer (and not on my tape-machine. I like the sound on tape but not the editing).

When I came back from Ecuador I recorded the Tenori sessions and arranged them on Cubase, as I think it´s easier to arrange it on the computer than on the Tenori itself. The tracks will be released on Get Physical and Itunes, the album is called Ambient Film Themes Vol.1.

01. Lopazz - Share My Rhythm - Get Physical Music
02. Lopazz - Blood (Tiefschwarz RMX ) - Output Recordings
03. Lopazz - I Need Ya - Output Recordings
04. Lopazz - Migracion ( Luciano RMX ) - Get Physical Music
05. Lopazz - Child of Dance - Compost Records
06. Lopazz - 2 Fast 4 U - Get Physical Music
07. Lopazz - We Are - Get Physical Music
08. Dakar - I´ve Got That Feeling (Lopazz Rmx) - Get Physical Music
09. Lopazz - Take Me Home - Get Physical Music
10. Lopazz - Migracion - Get Physical Music


Anonymous jerome said...

love ze lopazz yes
but the 80 kpps thing is a joke

all love & respect though : )

1:28 PM  
Anonymous jerome said...

ah forzcoming album ah alright,80 k ok ok
fucking great actually!

1:44 PM  

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