Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I’m not going to go on about how to be a great DJ and what is the best way to do it…but…it starts by being yourself and having a good selection. I think the key is to believe in what you’re playing. It’s also a question of the right moment: one minute you have it and the next you lose it!

So here’s a selection in three parts, entitled Turnstyle Blues. I’m only happy when I’m sad and emotionally/sexually charged. I guess I’m fueled that way! It all started with me drooling on my keyboard, dreaming of…and I decided once and for all to lay down some of my favorite tracks in a harmonious way using Ableton Live (my left turntable has a pitch problem and the right one...well never mind the right one!).

The process was pretty much the same as the one I use in making music: a cue element is playing and I hum different harmonies over it until I find something interesting. I’m obsessed with the idea of a perfect blend (my years as a musician, catching up I guess!). The beautiful paradox is that it’s often caused by a simple accident! My life and work is pretty much based on that perspective. Rest assured there are many imperfections in the selection!

The first part sets a pretty mellow mood, concentrating on me as a child looking over the garden in the rain from my bedroom window in England. I would spend hours watching it pour down on us! The second and the third parts emphasize the crescendo, to my present feelings. For Modyfier, the third part was handed in. The idea is to get the other two parts on different blogs and then to import them together to get an almost three hour set! You can find Part 1 on Noice, Part 2 on Tsugi and Part 3 here on Modyfier.

01. Anja Schneider & Lee Van Dowski - La Roulett

02. Davide Squillace & Michele Tabucchi - One Lobster Please (Mathias Kaden's Gambass Remix)

03. Geoffroy, Kolombo & Mugwump - Nothing Without You

04. Mark Broom - Meltin Pot

05. Johnny D - Gualia

06. Fra Soler & Maxim Ruiz - Zambomba

07. The Juan Maclean - One Day (Marc Romboy Remix)

08. Pimp Pomp Pump - Pimp’s Love (Siskid Mix)

09. Jacuzzi Boys - Ramba Zamba (Sascha Krohn Remix)

10. Siskid - Mental Bruising For Jackie O

11. Mr. White - Aeroplane

12. Ripperton - Long Distance

13. The Stone Roses - I Wanna Be Adored (Rabbit In The Moon Remix)

14. Marc O'Tool & Criss Source - James At Last

15. 2020 Soundsystem - Sliding Away (Johnny D Vocal Mix)

16. Alloy Mental - I Am (Marc Houle Remix)

17. Foals - Olympic Airways (Supermayer Remix)


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Yeah my man, nice one ...

Dex (and now modyfier) friend :)

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This can't have effect in reality, that's what I think.

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