Saturday, June 13, 2009


Right after the release of my last EP Moist/Outrage on Meant Records a few months ago, I felt like a pressure was released from my creativity. I would stand in front of the machines and instruments with no real objective, jamming with no real purpose. And you all must know what that means: it's the beginning of the blank page

Luckily, my best friend and associate, Siskid (whose studio is just under mine), came up one day and said, "Hey bro, Chloe made a remix for Wolves...would you like to try and remix the other main title of my new EP, Speak like a True JFK?" Waaaahhhh...I was feeling no creativity and big pressure. Especially because this project was tightly linked to the talent of the artists mentioned earlier, and I had only one week to do it. As my mum always told me, “Think before acting, son!”. (Isn't that a good one mum!!!!)...

Speak like a True JFK is a huge peak time track, with analogue synths and drums that twist my mind. Siskid's work on the vocals blew me away ever since the first day I heard the demo. I just love that track! I chose to keep the same vibe: dark but groovy (something I definitely share with Siskid!!!). To stress the freakier side of the track I used tom rolls, darkening the vocals and playing a funky slapped bass, keeping a big peak time break. And here we go: no more blank page. Inspiration is back and flowing. This is what I like about making music...SPEAK...LIKE...A TRUE...

The remix is done and the guy downstairs still has to give his ok to put it on his EP. The fear is back. The track starts. He's in front of his monitors and I know that no friendship will interfere in the judgment. The track goes on. He starts to smile and his head moves with the kicks. I win. He likes it. And here is the final result. Hope you'll like it too.


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