Monday, June 01, 2009


I never really considered myself a musician, but rather more of an arranger. I first started mixing (before producing). It is how I understood how to make my own tracks. I feel that a mix is the finished product of a musical creation. It has a purpose: to be played for a public. The difficulty of the task though resides in assembling tracks with one another in order to create something singular and coherent. Some dj's, I feel, are content to just play one track after the other while others like to create more of a story. That's what I try to do. I tried constructing a mix that really resembles myself. Something that shows everything I love about dance music.

Before starting the mix, I asked myself what support would I use to make my process! First, I thought about recording in live mode because to me it is the most spontaneous and natural way possible to capture music (as opposed to the homemade way)! To me, the music has to project a mood, a moment or a certain feeling. The random side and the mistakes that can be made throughout that process I find are a plus and often add something special to it. It is important to feel a humane presence. It is that side of the music that interests me the most.

But instead, I opted for an intermediate way to record this mix which basically consisted of using two cd turntables in order to be able to make loops. I had to rip some vinyls for the occasion. I constructed this mix with a selection of twenty tracks or so. And like a jigsaw puzzle, I started trying out different tracks in different orders until each one fitted where it should. I recorded two sessions and had a friend choose the best one. I really like the idea of using loops in order to rediscover a track on a different angle! It is an approach that I don't usually use since I have a tendency to mix solely on vinyl and always use some cd's as well. I found that I had some difficulty in not having an audience and seeing their reaction to the music, but at the same time, it helped me experiment new things whilst taking risks that it might not work. To singularize and take risks is, to me, the most important thing because let's be honest, there is nothing more boring than seeing and listening to the same thing everywhere. It's really what I tried to do here: something personal and original that can still make you dance.

I find the reasoning of this process really interesting when we see the number of mixes or podcasts available online. With this large number of choices how can we find something good to listen to? To ask the artist to express himself is definitely something great in order to understand how each and everyone functions. In my case though, the best way you'll understand me is not with words but with the music! Open your ears and your senses, this is my process!

01. Daniel Bell - Untitled
02. Seuil - My House Your Motel
03. Miss Fitz - Woods
04. Marlon D - Funky Angel
05. Russ Gabriel - Change
06. Mood 2 Swing - Do It Your Way
07. Daniel Bell - Berserk
08. Horseshoe 2 - Collage
09. Melchior Productions - Lets Go Deep
10. Chrom - Never Forever
11. Le Loup - Give Me Some
12. Freaks - High Spirits
13. Lauhaus - Varna Vibes
14. Rick Wilhite - What Do You See (Rickys Groove Mix)
15. Le Loup - I Keep Secret
16. Wolf + Lamb - Must Be Brooklynn
17. Le Loup - Rising Sun


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry, this is completely unrelated to the above post....

....But what would you guys/gals recommend that's like casper clark mix??? I also love any of the balearic/nu disco/space disco stuff.


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Blogger tb said...

great mix, thank you.

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