Tuesday, May 26, 2009


i made this mix in tarerio, on lake patzcuaro in mexico. in the mayan calender i`m a dog – ascendent dog – with the symbol coyote (ihuatzio) – any questions? yes, i have – it`s a new life for me...

track by klee / germany

remixed by me (popnoname you make you remix)

released by universal

you let you forward or rewind

you break for hope or happiness

you choose between all and nothing
you make you right, you make you bright

you let you decide

you make you decide

two hearts are beating underneath

eins bleibt hart - eins zerbricht
no doubt...

track by andreas heiszenberger / germany

remix by me (PNN from munich to paris RMX)

released by polytone...also on vinyl!

12 mark hat die übernachtung gekostet - das essen mit dabei (werner herzog)


track by me

remix by tennishero / sveden

surrounded by weather remixes 1

released by italic

i am to be

my beauty is the truth

or not?


track by me

surrounded by weather // italic

remix by echonomist / greece


but wait...

track by the echonomist feat. popnoname feat. auto tune
released by vim/klik
radio lunatic / greece

when you trust someone
you trust someone

when you love some

you love someone

but when you suffer be aware

that you do it

for the others
to lean on

fight your way - through

through to through to a place
to stay for a while

to comeback

to start a new

to places

you will belong to


track by smadj / france

remixed by me

released by doublemoon / turkey

in germany we say weltmusik -


Anonymous UBERtrigger said...

In French, we would say "Air du Temps" . . .

. . . that's why we do not give any name to your amazing pop music !

P O P ♫ N O ♫ N A M E

W E L T ♫ M U S I K

12:44 AM  

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