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When I started to read the horror stories written 80 years ago by H. P. Lovecraft I realized how literature can transmit emotions through centuries (maybe even millenia). That is because human nature has not changed much in the last 5,000 years or so. With Lovecraft's timeless sci-fi fantasies, it is doubly so. While reading the story titled, "The Call of Cthulhu," I realized that my brain started to evoke not only images and the described situations, but also some kind of a background music. As a DJ of electronic leanings, I instantly thought of a mix made up of records that I considered to be appropriate. Something that is equally dark and suggestive, something that would add the right colour and flavour. For this mix, I have chosen a moniker "Shoggoth" (for the fun of it), which is a creature from outer space invented by Lovecraft. As I have a collaborative nature, I thought of inviting my friend DJ Sensu to mix his own musical interpretation of the story. These have been later merged into one mix named in the Lovecraftian way "Unspeakable Horrors from the Outer Space".


In 1995, the English magazine, The Wire published an article in which legendary composer Karlheinz Stockhausen and four electronic music producers listened to and commented on each other's music. Although some gigantic generational gap prevented real understanding of one another's work, it showed the different state that electronic music was in in those days. There was a greater willingness to see electronic music as a continuum that started with the sound boxes built by Luigi Russolo right up to techno music, etc. My mix for this Lovecraft idea tries to be an amalgam of sounds of distant and more recent pasts. In fact, there are only two really recent tracks in the mix. Combined with the narration, it aims to provoke something mysterious. But also, it is a reaction against the state electronic music is in these days. I'm tired of dj's that have started (or contemplate starting) dj'ing with their laptop because, "I should start using Serato as well, everybody's doing it, " or "It is so easy. I have all my tracks here and I do not have to carry anything...". Well, playing a dj set and/or performing at a party is not like going to a business meeting with your briefcase. In the nineties the power of classical music companies imploded with the arrival of the cd-format. Look around and ask yourself if Serato could do the same with techno and electronic music in general.


Additionally, we found the Call of Cthulhu narrated as an e-book ("The Call of Cthulhu" {1928} by H. P. Lovecraft - narration by Garrick Hagon on GPod Audio Books). Our merged mixes were combined with this narration. Finally, literature met background music matching it.

Shoggoth (mixing from the beginning to approx. 47:30 min.)

01. STL - Rainwalker (Something Records 01)

02. Gyorgy Ligeti - Atmospheres (2001:A Space Odyssey, MGM)

03. Monolake - Frost (monolake/imbalance 007)

04.Gyorgy Ligeti - Lux Aeterna (2001:A Space Odyssey, MGM) in a reverse mode

05. Arpanet - Grossvater Paradoxon (Record Makers)

06. Madteo - Head Quarters (Morphine Doser 006)

07. Plastikman - Disconnect (Nova Mute 100)

08. NSI - Clara Ghavami Extended (Cadenza 5.5)

09. Shackleton - Blood On My Hands -Villalobos remix (Skull Disco 007)

10. Depeche Mode - The Darkest Star -Monolake remix (Mute Records BONG 37) at 33 RPM instead of 45

11. Arpanet - Chandrasekhar's Limit (Record Makers)

12. DJ Jus-Ed - Teckno Minimal pcatsss (Underground Quality 016)

13. Arpanet - Twin Paradox (Record Makers)

14. Newworldaquarium -Sign of Brady (NWA 01)

Sensu (mixing from approx. 47:30 min. till the end)

15. Karlheinz Stockhausen - Vorstellung (from Sirius) - Deutsche Grammophon

16. Electric Birds - Strata - Inc. us

17. Senking - Bones - Karaoke Kalk

18. Ekkehard Ehlers - Plays John Cassavetes

19. Decoside - Reload 2 - Eclipse Music

20. Stewart Walker - Granular Synthesis - Mille Plateaux

21. Pierre Henry - Souffle 1 (from Le Voyage) - Philips

22. Mike Ink - Soul Desert - Art of Perception

23. Kurt Gaulhofer - Ein Gewittertraum - Vollmond Records

24. Signer - Coidal - Inc. us

25. Zulutronic - Hong Kong Phui - Mille Plateaux

26. Slap - Eden Now - Macro

27. Ø - Set the Controls to the Heart of the Sun - Sähkö

28. Wolfgang R. Kubizek - Laura - Extraplatte

29. Mordant Music - Olde Wobby - Mordant Music


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