Thursday, March 26, 2009


As a child I was always walking around daydreaming, devising scenes in my head and playing them out. This is how I work as an artist; almost all of it has some filmic reference, even if they have never been viewed by anyone other than me. Music has and always will evoke a moment, a word, a place, a face, a friend, sadness, happiness, being in a moment. I tend to listen to most of my tracks in as many different environments as possible; they become the soundtracks to my daily life. Every day is a new scene in this film and I can create it’s soundtrack, one that reflects my journey, tracks just take on a new life depending on where you are at the given moment or simply just down to how you feel.

My process is and always has been a very natural evolution. It can come from anything. A conversation, some thing I have observed, an experience, a piece a paper found on the floor with a scribbled note. This can fuel all or at least part of my process. But more often than not it is just an extension of myself, channeling my thoughts and feelings.

Creating starts with sketches maybe just the music, a smattering of words jotted down in a notebook. I have never considered myself a literary person and writing words is not something that comes naturally to me. But I am always scribbling random words or sentences down and return to them at a later date to feed the creativity.

I do this also with photographs. I am constantly taking them and one track which was born out of a photograph is The Horse Trainer. I had taken a picture of a caravan park while re-visiting one my childhood haunts and was inspired by my holidays to North Wales as a child. It wasn’t exactly the kind of place you would normally go on holiday, industrial pebble beaches looking out onto the grey Irish Sea. Re-visiting my childhood holiday resort with its bleak landscape just remained with me and each time I got the photograph out I wanted to create something to represent what that felt like for me.

The Horse Trainer became my soundtrack to that time. It evokes all those emotions once again. It’s slow build up ebbing closer to crescendo, like the waves lapping at my feet as I looked out on that always dark grey horizon staring at those eerie motionless wind turbines, like great white robots waiting for their mother ship to reclaim them.


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