Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Lied 9 refers to D'Angelo 's first album - Brown Sugar - it was the dopest track for me on that LP and it was called Lady, listed as song 9. When I met my first girlfriend it was around that time...She told me that she also loved the album and I told her: Ok, check out song 9 (Lied 9 means song 9) and you know what you are to me. The next day she called me and said she loved me too...:)

10 yrs later I was flying to a holiday combined with a gig in Beirut, a place I totally fell in love with over the last 3 years since I first went there in 2006. On the plane I got pretty sentimental and thought of the old days and especially of her...

So I started the song Lied 9. I always make music while traveling. It's the best time for me...I plug in my headphones and begin. I don't have a studio and to be honest, besides my MacBook Pro, I don't have anything...not even a keyboard or a mouse at home so I'm used to doing it all in the box, just with headphones.

Tigerskin showed me an old synth called JP4 by Roland when I went by his studio the other day (he always does the mixdowns for my trax)...I totally fell in love with the sounds from this synth. I wanted to do something with these sounds so I found some in my library and started to use them...The harmony I played is just 3 notes but I could listen to them for hours and hours.

I sat on the plane and this was the start: just a simple kick and these chords.
All the other pads and synths just came directly in to my mind while listening to the chords and dreaming of my past during my stay in Beirut: the sun, the sea, good food and a perfect atmosphere in the city. When I landed, the track was already finished. Normally when I work on things, I listen to it on my iPod over and over again to search for stuff i should change, etc. This time I rather enjoyed the stay in Beirut and listened to D'Angelo...:)


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