Monday, March 09, 2009


to bring cohesion to the three-pronged approach for process parts 127.1, 127.2 & 127.3 from the mnml ssgs crew...

It all started with a series of emails. Pete, Chris, and myself had met each other in the nightclubs of Tokyo, bonding over similar tastes in techno. We went to plenty of events (which we jokingly called "geeky minimal sausage parties", referencing the title of a track from a Twerk album), and had many long conversations about the music we loved. In time Chris and Pete left Tokyo, but the conversations and debates continued via a series of regular (often daily) emails. We enthused, debated and criticized. We ranted and we raved.

Sometimes we'd mail each other saying, "This album is amazing – why is nobody saying anything about it?" Sometimes we'd say, "Why is nobody criticizing this when it's so obviously crap?" After a while Chris said, "Well, why don't *we* say it? Why don't we stop complaining and try to do something pro-active instead? Why don't we take the kinds of things we say in these emails and make them public? It might do some good."

And with that mnml ssgs was born. A place where we enthuse, debate, rant and rave. A place where we share our honest thoughts and feelings about this music we love so much. In other words, it's a geeky minimal sausage party – and everyone's invited.


Blogger Evad said...

I'm glad blogs like this and mnml ssgs exist. People with opinions are important these days, there are already more than enough sheep.
Plus, I love to read about the music I love, besides listening to it.
Much respect to all of you, keep on going like this.

Love from Belgium!

1:28 PM  

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