Thursday, March 05, 2009


On Tuesday December 16, 2008, between 18:30 and 21:30, my friend Leah's shop hosted some collections, a whole bunch of people drinking free booze, and show.

Here's the mix I made for the event.

The 'live show' in question involved a model. In order to model various different outfits, the girl was undressed in the shop, which was very strange, surrounded by people drinking champagne, watching dispassionately/quizzically/curiously, and listening to Cameo, which was what was playing while it happened.

As for the mix: the track selection reflected the ebb and flow of people arriving and the vibe around. Nothing is beatmatched, all tracks play through to the end pitch perfect (with one exception where I made a mistake, as you'll hear).

This is something I've more or less decided to do with pop music. Not just because I'm not Optimo: it's simply that, where songs are concerned, I want to represent them in their integrity.

It's also that mixing is over-rated; track selection is not.

Working without beatmatching, while still trying to tell a story, presents a completely different challenge and a different pleasure.

Listening to the result, I can't help wondering if aggressively interventionist mixing was came about because of cut hungry ears, or groove-bored DJs.

01. David Sylvain - Brilliant Trees
02. The Art of Noise – Camilla, The old Story
03. Bill Nelson – Suvasini/Contemplation
04. The Passions – I’m in Love with a German Film Star
05. The Cure – A Forest
06. Grace Jones – Private Life
07. The Slits – Instant Hit
08. Tom Tom Club – Wordy Rappinghood
09. INXS – I Send a Message
10. The Passions – Skin Deep
11. Talking Heads – Warning Sign
12. Kid Creole and the Coconuts – I’m a Wonderful Thing, Baby
13. Cameo – She’s Strange
14. David Joseph – You Can’t Hide (your love from me)
15. Loose Joints – Tell You (today)
16. David Byrne – Big Business
17. B-52s –Loveland
18. Dalek-I – You Really Got Me
19. YMO – Day Tripper
20. Devo – We’re Through Being Cool
21. Thomas Dolby – Commercial Breakup
22. Talking Heads – Found a Job
23. Icehouse – Dance On
24. David Sylvian – Pulling Punches
25. Thomas Dolby – Dissidents
26. Madonna – Express Yourself (stop-and-go dub)
27. Yello – Habanera
28. Badou – Zena (dub mix)
29. A Certain Ratio – Kether Hot Knives
30. Robert Fripp – The Zero of the Signified
31. Eno – Taking Tiger Mountain


Blogger La Chips said...

i love the fact you played the loose joints after the david joseph !! the percussions are exactly the same it's crazy!
this is just the type of details that make your mix so human and alive!
the track selection is perfect thanks !!

10:41 AM  
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