Thursday, January 22, 2009


I made this track thinking I would write a song and I ended up with a 4/4 beat and a dance track totally inadequate for clubbing. I like that! I grew up on soul music and jazz. When I make techno, I think I am definitely searching for some sort of deepness that is rooted there. Abstract to me doesn’t necessarily mean noise or no melodies. To me, harmony is the basics, it’s the ground, and melodies are the passions. Rhythm is just there to drive us to it. The trigger.

Of course, all these things need to coexist and the right chemistry is important, too. Dancing is the leitmotiv, but it would be so cool if we could manage to get people horny without having to wait until 5am and a few drinks gone by just playing super sexy beautiful techno. Real techno. Techno with soul.

Maybe the scene is lacking a social background to relate to? It had it when it began in Chicago, Detroit or even later, in Manchester. Obviously, techno became more than just a new Music's Club movement. The technology, the computers and other software are part of our life entirely now and so is the music.

But couldn't it be just a bit smarter for once to not to become just another way to consummate and couldn't we avoid the standardization of the movement and actually use this huge advantage that the internet can provide when it comes to building communities and sharing ideas??? Our generation and society could use a bit more of "reality ass kicking" instead of fighting against spams!!!

I consider myself a defender a mellowness when it comes to music. I like when art gives me a reason to look at what 's inside of me and my fellow humans. Stewart Walker once said to me that I was a populist and I think I can agree with that... :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Definitely a place of harmony here. I like it. Moving shared ideas, the short creative bus. ::beep::

11:45 AM  
Anonymous kimberkins said...

this track is totally beautiful, i have been playing it and sharing it repeatedly :)

10:02 PM  

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