Monday, December 15, 2008



Looking through my old files and scrapings from the bottom of my drawer, I sometimes
find some forgotten projects, not initially worthy of sharing and left alone to rot. They are an armada, careless about being quarantined and tossed away. From time to time, my ears and brain get rebooted and it’s always nice to revisit them and hear what they have to say since their isolation. Giving a second chance to some seems like the right thing to do; I then pull them out of the drawer, into the sunlight and put them back in action.

Strangely, it happens that one of them finds its way back in the sequencer and becomes alive again, blooming with sounds, textures and old frequencies. Heather's Feathers is one of them. With a little refurbishing, it still remains the same but with a subtle face-lift that makes it worthy of sharing in the end. This retro-active process makes me think how ephemeral or even timeless music can be. It reminds me of the rediscovery of oldies or b-sides and how or why we put them back in the DJ bag for the next gig. The feeling is perhaps romantic but brings us back to the desire of embracing the essential.


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