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4 cities and many upon many records later I'm feeling I have the tunes I need to make something happen with this concept "In The Beginning" that I've built up in my head. I've been stalling on creating this mix until I felt the ammunition was appropriately gathered and conceived. Making a mix of House Music is not a feat to be treaded upon lightly. I thought of the time Junior Sanchez played for us in the basement of 205 for three hours of tune for tune bliss. I thought of DJ Dara in Public Assembly recently as i walk in to Jess telling me he had just finished an all vinyl House set, "New York oldies," what a time that must have been. I thought of seeing Frankie Knuckles in The Warehouse and what it must have felt like to see these processes occurring right before your very eyes. I thought of what I have seen, what I could have saw, and what I've missed.

I've collected a lot of House records recently in an attempt to re-inspire myself and my direction. There has always been something about seeking out the tunes you want to play and then satisfyingly setting the stylus down and hearing them in a new way. I've found many of the Original 12" labels on my mp3's to be a falsity, and there is excitement when I discover the track to have a little something more than I had heard before.

The 20 records I've presented in this mix were discovered in New York City, Baltimore, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Sifting through many a dusty bin and crate has given me a much greater appreciation for the content presented on "In The Beginning" and I believe the mix serves as an introduction into the world of House Music. Acid, Jack, Feel Good, Techno, Disco, Diva and Gospel are all touched on in one form or another within the mix. I believe this is important when creating a conceptual explanation for a genre of music.

I chose to re-edit and post produce the mix in order to present the tracks in a cohesive model. I recorded directly from vinyl w/ out altering the eq in order to present the best version of each tune as it fits into the greater purpose. I was careful not to replicate any artist or record label in an effort to demonstrate the vast array of House Music that has been released since its inception. I tried to create a balance in the mix of underground and popular tracks. I feel that it helps the average listener to enjoy the songs that they may not know far more when they have a reference point to associate with.

Here are some highlights from the track list that I feel deserve special attention:

Track 3: Laura - I find the rap on this record to be very interesting in its content, "I wish they'd all just go away!"
Track 7: Black Traxx - This was the only track on the record produced by Wayne Williams. All other tracks were produced by Four On The Floor Productions.
Track 8: Wayne & Jayne - The original track is a late 70's rockabilly tune named "Fuck Off!!" It's on the A side of the vinyl. Also included is "Berlin," which has a very dark no wave sound to it. Amazing record all in all.
Track 12: Blind Truth - This record was produced by Arthur Baker. I recently brought it with me on tour and left it at a friends house. Luckily I was able to get it back before making this mix. I find it to be great in its composition and proves true that Arthur Baker is an amazing producer.
Track 16: Thelma Houston - This is a great example of Disco House. The remix is great and uses so much of the original track. I highly recommend finding the track in its entirety. I had to edit this one down to the key points, but the remix is thick with the original tune.
Track 20: The Lil' DJ Anthony Acid - There is a deep low rolling bassline in this track I find to be incredible. Its seems to be so ahead of its time and I found myself stoned and just entranced by the track, I knew they called it Acid House for a reason.

01) Shawn Christopher - Night For Love (Club Mix) - Rama Records - ??
02) Beat System - To A Brighter Day (O' Happy Day) (Wag Ya Tail 12" Mix) - Full Frequency Range Recordings - 1993
03) Laura - Come Into My House (Various Kinds Of House Mix) (Rap - The Don) - Chicken Scratch Records - 1990
04) The Jam Machine - Funky (Let's Go) (Afro Beats) - Karisma - 1987
05) Steve "Silk" Hurley - House Train (Chicago Mix) - Jack Trax - 1987
06) Brother Makes 3 - Do You Wanna Dance? (2 In A Mix) - Cardiac Records - 1991
07) Black Traxx Vol. 6 - Do U Wanna Fuck (Prod by Wayne Williams & Stephen George) - Night Club Records - ??
08) Wayne & Jayne - (If You Don't Wanna Fuck Me, Baby) Fuck Off!! (The Presta Fuck Me Mix) - Royalty Records - 1993
09) LNR - Work It To The Bone (Bone-A-Pella) - Profile Records - 1989
10) DJ EFX - Is It Like My Dil-Doe? (Tribal As A MoFo) - Strictly Rhythm - 1993
11) Pirates Of The Caribbean Vol. II - Cha-Cha (Casa-Cabesa Mix) (Prod by Armand Van Helden) - AV8 Records - 1994
12) Blind Truth - BoomBaata (BoomBatta Remix) (Prod by Arthur Baker) - Big Big Trax - 1994
13) L.A. Style - James Brown Is Dead (Take Outs) - Watts Music - 1991
14) Juice - Do Its Right! (The Route 66 Remixes) (Funkin' For Italia) - Stress Records - 1992
15) Black Box - Not Anyone (Kamasutra Remix) - Groove Groove Melody - 1994
16) Thelma Houston - Don't Leave Me This Way (Junior Sound Factory Mix) - Dig It International - 1995
17) Ralphi Rosario Presents SK-TA - Running Away Club - Trax Records - 1990
18) Lidell Townsell - Nu Nu (Nu Apella) - Mercury Records - 1992
19) Milo - 90,000 B.C. (Cro-Magnon Cave Mix) - Raw Records - 1989
20) The Lil' DJ Anthony Acid - Rock And Boogie Down (Electric Warehouse Mix) - Breaking Bones Records - 1989


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I little bit of sun in this cloudly winter!

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DJ EFX - Tribal As A Mofo.....nice track.


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I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool..


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