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My creative process is about inspiration and gathering. I'm not a musician, I don't know how to play an instrument or read music. I'm a geek, a librarian - I've always enjoyed music and collect and read about it frenetically. I'm so obsessed by it that I try to create it - usually by mimicking artists I like. I study their patterns, how the instruments interact, and I think of them as gears on a machine punching in time. Of course this imitation is distorted by my own experiences and failures to achieve the same results creating what I'd see as my signature.

For the same reason I enjoy the so called "dance music" (whatever it's genre), it has a function which is not subjective as you have results and it can be seen as a tool.

Usually this process starts by hearing a certain track or seeing a certain dj perform that inspires me and I try to lay some bass lines on a virtual drum machine and picture how something was done. I listen to as much "rock" music as "electronic" so I like to take emphasis on their connection. Usually when editing a rock song I treat it as electronica. I take some basses and loop them, make the breakdowns more intense, add a more pulsating beat and redo the structure to sound more like a track. At the same time when handling electronica, I like to treat it as a rock song, focusing melody and mood and many times adding classic pop structures like AABA, etc. By the same fact I'm inspired by music trends that unite these two sides, I quite enjoy the concept of DIY and people who try to jump from one side to the other - I'm talking about northern soul's black roots, to the groove present in post-punk and industrial or (vice versa) the DIY, punk aesthetic of early house and techno.

The following set was recorded "live" in my living room last night at 3 am so I apologize for any mistakes. The track list is very conceptual as it represents a list of musicians, producers, djs, friends or/and labels that influence me and some of my material.

As for the hardware I used one Technics 1200, one CDjj 800, one Vestax 175 mixer and a Kaos Pad3.

01. Chemical Brothers. - Battle scars (Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve remix) WHITE
02. Mantronix - Bassline (ZNTN edit) CDR
03. Medusa Edits - Mouth 2 mouth (edit from SPK's Mouth to mouth) WHITE
04. ZNTN - 92 CDR
05. Photonz - Trembler (Discodeine remix) Dark and Lovely
06. Clouded Vision - Outside (ZNTN rework) CDR
07. Slight Delay - Club bombs Rong
08. Severed Heads - Greater Reward (dub, Betty Botox edit) Endless Flight
09. Lil' Louis - Videoclash Souljazz
10. Plastique de Reve Ft. Ghoststape - Lost in the city Death From Abroad
11. Pete Shelley - Witness the change / I don't know what love is (dub,
Glimmers edit) Eskimo


Blogger nicoftime said...

I really like this mix, especially between 15 and 30 minutes. Thanks for putting this mix up, I had never heard of this producer before.

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