Thursday, November 20, 2008


Paris, Gare du Nord, Monday, beginning of October

All my life was there, organized in packets made of needs and memories, of hopes and projects. The last years, the ones in Paris, were obviously more represented, but small fragments of my past lives, in different hearts and places, found
hospitality beside them. Each of them was a potential gate to my past life, to use in case of sentimental or emotional needs, or in case of a sudden lack of references, or just for fun.

That pile of luggage hid a high potential of experiences, a surplus value deriving from their actual space-time location and from my mental state. The casual condition was linked to the travel I was starting.

My train arrived and I went towards the cabin I had booked. After some time my train departed. When it started moving, the pendulum of my life stopped for a long extra-dimensional moment. I wanted to live that journey, in a deep and symbolic way: a passage between two life cycles.

If there’s something a man can control in that function with infinite variables called life, it is the density of the temporal dimension. Our mind allows it.
Of course, in the routine that composes our days, time (our time) is quite linear and homogeneous. These are the references that link us to time and space, without them we feel lost.

The journey, if you accept its potential, could be an opportunity to part from the laws of certainty. Dizziness is the risk; intuition of synthesis, draw the prize from the universal source.

My small non-place beside the railway represented the perfect place. I took off my watch, switched off my mobile and closed my eyes. The noise of the train quickly became a litany. Each cycle is like itself.

Then I opened my eyes and started to record the “Process”.

And the journey was made. The only fact that proved it, that recording. Create and travel. In both cases, look at the world without the glasses of expectations and habits. A dive in the Point, a dimensional entity with infinite possibilities, and then crop out with brushes and colours.

To create new worlds.

Many thanks to Amanda Morelli

01. My My "Everybody's talking" [Playhouse]
02. Dan Berkson, James What "Keep On feat. Robert Owens" (Two Armandillos Instrumental Remix) [Poker Flat]
03. Glimpse "We Existed feat. Taka Boom" [Four:Twenty]
04. Mutant Clan "Kenesai" [Connaisseur]
05. Dj Koze "Cicely" [NRK]
06. Lucy "Who's the Liar" (Boris Hotton Remix) [Meerestief]
07. Lovebirds "The Beat Goes Boom" [Buzzin' Fly]
08. Morgan Geist "Detroit" (C2 Remix 1) [Environ]
09. Onur Ozer "Eclipse" (Loco Dice Remix) [Vakant]
10. Mathias Kaden "Detect This" (Decimal Remix) [Material]
11. Robert Dietz "Backseat" [Cecille Numbers]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wonderful mix! i've linked to this because it's so good. thank you again for another amazing process.

8:21 AM  
Anonymous ubertrigger said...

p u r e

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