Monday, November 10, 2008


Everything I do is a concept. In many ways it’s a way of detaching my full emotional biases. Creating a story through music, I am able to share emotions and memories…and I am also able to sonically reinvent them. Among all the mediums that can remind you of a person, a moment, a quirk, or simply a picture, music is one of the most powerful. Through music I build a soundtrack to places that don’t physically exist but that are grown in my head or in other people’s imaginations. That’s the amazing thing about it. The intention and the perception can fuse the artist to the listener. You are listening to me. My thoughts are conceptualized for you to look upon in a completely open state of voyeurism. But eventually (if not automatically) you link your own thoughts to the sounds and you become the attendee to yourself. An honest connection. The listener becomes the concept onto themselves as the music plays. I enjoy being the seeker of new music or old. Presenting it to people and watching them smile, cry, hug, isolate, kiss etc., etc. I wonder what constructs they follow in their heads. Some are timid, some nervous, some outwardly fun…or others, stoic.

Those are the creationists.
But what happens when you can't keep your love of that process reserved to one genre (or in this case sub-genre) of music? You draw from all the emotions, memories, pictures that flash past with every note. Songs that moved you, inspired you, made you feel strong or weak…you get the point.

So, in the spirit of all the people and places that have been the tourists and the residents in my life, each song is a memory for me or a reminder. They are mostly downtempo, chill-out and dub trip hop. I love mixing these kinds of tracks as I honestly feel I can't get any closer to my core than what is presented here. In this genre the selection and flow is more important than the technical. This is what makes it is so enjoyable for me. Sometimes you can get caught up with making a mix overly complicated or just too perfect. That mentality is thrown out the window here. Life is hectic with the world running faster and faster, everyone needs a vacation from something it seems. I think this is why this type of music exists in the first place…we can be a residential tourist. Meaning, to be on a vacation at home, the car, the morning wake up ritual or what have you. Sometimes you don't have to go anywhere to appreciate home.

01. Kayot- One night in cuba *original mix*
02. Jon Hopkins - Apparition
03. Mr.S - Acoustically Illustrated
04. Jimi Dub - Now and Then
05. William Orbit - They live in the sky
06. Max Sedgley - Slowly
07. Gripper - Fame
08. Sub Sub - Past
09. Lustral - Everytime *A man called adam balearic mix*
10. Vibrasphere -Heading North
11. Hieronymus - Easy
12. Air - La Femme d'Argent
13. Morcheeba - The Sea

14. Elysium Cray - Desolate Shores
15. Lemon Jelly - In the bath
16. Taban Hayes - Rococo Rug Shuffle
17. Zimpala - To the base


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i recently downloaded the mix and as a tourism management student, it couldn't come at a better time. track selection is excellent and the mix is soothing and relaxing. for just one hour, it brings me to a special place away from stresses of life. thanks for sharing and more please.

10:07 PM  
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Well music has a special power to attach to certain life situations each one of us lives... I like mixing music too and sympathize with you in your tastes. Great work!

10:10 AM  
Anonymous said...

Little doubt, the dude is completely fair.

11:13 PM  
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