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sometimes it can be hard to see the forms of things because they are too close-up. it can be easy to get caught in a magnification and lose the greater outline of desire (assuming there is a silhouette, that there are edges somewhere). somehow it is easier to invent what might be from a distance than to recognize it when introduced face-to-face.

i like working in that magnified abstraction (beyond concept) of the familiar…when it becomes driven more by a curiosity to see how something will turn out then knowing what it is going to be before making it. there is no tangible. it is all about interaction and relationships of one mark next to another. i like things that work against an apparent order and clearly show a divergence...the place where patterns fall apart and re-align or move into the unexpected.

music provides a medium to reach this place. many of the drawings i make are made not by reacting to sound, but by moving around in internal environments it creates (built on syncopation and rhythm and bass and melody). it invites creative habitation. walls arise from sonic frequencies. more than a “space” to move around in (to measure and as some known geometry), it also has velocity and direction. it applies a vector to my mark making and encourages observation. it reminds me to see things that i look at every day (it dissolves the blindness of familiarity).

architecture is more than the framing of space around a program. it is also about the things that are experienced or happen within those boundaries (how they become used and feel). music has it’s own architecture in that it can create illusion and i believe illusion to be real as your imagination allows (what does an ugly room with beautiful music feel like?). i recently heard an interview with alberto manguel who has written many books on books and reading, one of them being the beautifully titled, the dictionary of imaginary places. this reaffirmed my thinking that once an idea is kindled, it either sparks or fizzles depending on how it is rendered and communicated...depending on how real you make it, on how much you believe (is it an outline can you see or a form you can feel?).

mr. manguel recently built a library for his collection of 30,000 books in an old stone barn in western france. he says in the interview, “a library is not only a place for active reading it is also a place for reflection.” a good reminder, i think, to not always do only what a place implies, but also what is often hidden in the obvious. how many ways can reality be rearranged? how many strings can i make my mind play (reverberating)?

sound is a mind-builder. it provides a foundation to my creative aesthetic. drawing has become the expressive record of how music affects it creates imaginary it pulls lines from motion (incrementally building on my body's kinetic memory (preferred geometry)) patterns rise like cloud formations and shape the content of dream life when the fattened rain drops begin to fall and pour.

download: 081003_modyfier-part01

marek hemman – junoka : aug 2008 on freude am tanzen recordings
nufrequency – go that deep feat. shara nelson (skylark vocal mix) : aug 2008 on nrk
glimpse – we existed feat. taka boom (jay shepheard alternative mix) : sep 2008 on four:twenty recordings
roberto rodriguez – besomebody : sep 2008 on freerange records
dop – i’m just a man : aug 2008 on eklo
deetron – let’s get over it feat justin chapman (henrik schwarz remix) : aug 2008 on music man records
beckers & d-nox – beefcake (lemon popsicle remix) : sep 2008 on sprout
tonkaproject – twisted : aug 2008 on consorzio Italia
omega midi – omega midi (ray valioso’s esta afuera dub mix) : sep 2008 on sthlmaudio recordings
ben mono – jesus was a b-boy feat. jemeni (tj kong & nuni dos santos remix) : sep 2008 on compost
unkle – hold my hand (innervisions orchestra remix) : sep 2008 on surrender all
modeselektor – the white flash feat. thom yorke (trentemoller remix) : jun 2008 on bpitch control
sebastien bouchet – feel (glimpse vox edit of danton remix) : aug 2008 on hypercolour
sten – daylight : sep 2008 on dial records
blakkat – deeper feat. mark bell (manuel tur remix) : oct 2008 on shaboom
benjamin brunn – untitiled a1 : aug 2008 on workshop

download: 081003_modyfier-part02

florian meindl – 8 bit romance (radio slave’s deepest space remix) : oct 2008 on hell yeah
robert babicz – procast : sep 2008 on session deluxe recordings
radio slave – bell clap dance (slam remix) : sep 2008 on rekids
polder – bondage (d’julz remix) : sep 2008 on intacto
knowing looks – 1x100=moon : aug 2008 on musique risquee
the electric press – uno (nic fanciulli remix) : jun 2008 on 2020 vision recordings
adny – under my skin : oct 2008 on ransom note
slam – city destroyer (part 1) : sep 2008 on paragraph
ziggy kinder – flipflop crash (pier bucci remix) : sep 2008 on souvenir music
onur ozer – eclipse (loco dice remix) : sep 2008 on vacant
franklin de costa – rollergirl : sep 2008 on curle recordings
colin hobbs – below minus (florian meindl remix) : sep 2008 on white noise recordings
stimming – una pena (argy’s) : sep 2008 on diynamic
computer – trophy (robosonic yuno remix) : sep 2008 on diskomafia
john roberts – promise : sep 2008 on dial records
watson – basin head (tolga fidon remix) : aug 2008 on neuton music
dop – like a motherless child : aug 2008 on eklo


Anonymous Anonymous said...

interesting piece of writing, and thanks for the great tunes! looking forward to hearing the John Roberts track.

I'm interested in the topic your dealing with here, but its not entirely clear to me what you mean when you talk about 'magnified abstraction' that is 'beyond concept'. By 'concept' are you refering to an initial idea that drives a particular piece of art? (which can then be surpassed as the creative process drives the project forward, pushing outwards against the self-imposed limits of the works initial 'concept'? in your piece does 'concept' function in a similar sense to plan/intention/idea?

maybe i got the wrong end of the stick, but i think '(beyond concept)' needs clarified.

9:47 AM  
Blogger modyfier said...

hi and thanks for asking...

well, what i wrote is a first attempt at pulling a few ideas i have recently had rolling around in my head about how music facilitates my drawing and why that is...

the first paragraph is almost unrelated to the rest of the piece, but i thought it was important to mention how when i (you?) are working intensely on something, it can often be hard to see what the original idea (the imagined form) looks like while it is being constructed...and often times this is because the form shifts as craft and possibility are applied to it. it becomes something else then originally imagined to be...

so by 'magnified abstraction' i mean how certain details and specific elements of a greater whole (the end product of creation) are amplified and come into focus and even sometimes surprise and stand on their own, individually...(every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you).

you have mostly got it, what you wrote. "concept" can be thought about in so many ways (whether it is in noun form or verb...a thing or a way of doing) "beyond" i mean exactly that place where surprise happens and wandering becomes the action, the way to express. yes, the creative process is the driver. but getting to that place and finding a fluidity there can also be very hard...

in the end, what i was trying to say is: that music is a medium that helps me to not only navigate the environments i am physically in, but to get lost in imagined internal be comfortable in not knowing where i am going. to trust in what observation and discovery and surprise will bring.

11:33 AM  
Blogger Joel Dubiner said...

Excellent tracks! I really enjoyed the modeselector remix. My web site should say "powered by modyfier!"

12:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wtf? why 128 kbps?

10:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

all good things must come to an end
the honeymoon is over
corporate commercial america forces the hand....or is it just moral conscience?

11:03 AM  

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