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I used to head out to this party at a dingy spot in Little Haiti, Miami called Churchill's, every other Friday about eight years ago. It's a sort of English style pub space, 'Bangers n Mash' and Guinness etc., which played host to many crap local bands and sometimes DJ events. The party was called 'Jukebox of Death.' I guess the name speaks for itself, but the program would include everything from the newest Squarepusher 12" to a rare psychedelic record from Norway to 'Steppin' Out' by Joe Jackson.

The group of Djs had some of the best taste of any I had encountered in Miami. But this mix started as a dedication to the DJ who opened most nights. His name was Ted. Ted was a tall lanky fellow with dreadlocks and a permanent smile on his face. He would play an old electro record into some AC/DC long before that was a norm for DJ sets. I loved listening to Ted's sets, which also made me a bit lame because I was always first there. My friend who threw the party told me that Ted never went record shopping. Ted would, in fact, dumpster dive for records.

So before I started this mix I went to the local resale record shop that the MP3 forgot here in Brooklyn's Park Slope area. The spot has been open for 35 years and still run by Tony, the owner. I arrived not expecting to find any cutting edge techno but to my surprise, in the back there were boxes marked 'Electronic : $2.' I did my proverbial dumpster diving and came out with about half the records on the mix.

I combined the records I picked up with some of the earliest 'electronic' records I bought back in the day. These records make me remember what it felt like to first tell anyone I was a DJ. It makes me feel like the past ten years has been worth every time I carried 2 turntables, a mixer and bag of records through the snow in Chicago to play a basement party. These records make me feel like it was worth it to have beer accidentally dumped on my bag or have the wood dance floor in an apartment fight with the stack of quarters on my needles all night. So, let's just call my process on this mix 'The Jukebox of Death.' I recorded the set in one take in my apartment in Brooklyn.

01. Le Syndicat Electronique "Black Gold Arsenal 7'" (Beta Bodega / MTA) (Catalogue
02. DJ At Will "Don't Stop" (Tresor) (Dumpster)
03. Play Paul "Once U Go" (Black Jack) (Dumpster)
04. Rude Ass Think "Get Wicked" (Planet Mu) (Catalogue)
05. Butler Kiev "Rewind Selecta" (Planet Mu) (Catalogue)
06. Console "14 Zero Zero" (Matador) (Dumpster)
07. Datathief "Advanced Social Engineering" (Beta Bodega / MTA) (Catalogue
08. Andre Kramil Feat. Schad Privat "Safari (Kiki & Silversurfer RMX)" (Crosstown Rebels) (Dumpster)
09. Phoenecia "Odd Jobs (Ectomorph & Godfather Remix)" (Schematic) (Catalogue)
10. Japanese Telecom "Cigarette Lighter" (Intuit-Solar) (Dumpster)
11. John Spring "Strange (John Spring's 2005 Revision)" (Crosstown Rebels) (Dumpster)
12. Leo Young "A True American Hero" (Tummy Touch) (Dumpster)
13. Gold Chains "No. 1 Face In Hip Hop" (Orthlong Musork) (Catalogue)
14. Five Deez "Sexual For Elizabeth (Tortoise Remix)" (Counterflow) (Catalogue)
15. Arc "Arcane" (Ninja Tune) (Catalogue)
16. Ammon Contact "The Stars Are Singing Too" (Soul Jazz) (Catalogue)


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Dumpster diving turned into gold!

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