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Weeks passed by to think what this mix would sound like. A first sketch was made with records I would never take with me at a night out. Think Madteo, Vladislav Delay, Mils.,... But it had lack of consistency and the mixing was a little difficult.

I’ve never been a person that has locked himself up for a whole summer period to learn ‘how to mix proper’. I even rarely mix, since I haven’t got turntables at my place. The music itself does the trick far more for me, the joy to have found something old in the dusted crates in the record store, or a delivery arriving at last.

In the eventual mix, the intention was to take some of my most menacing techno records and other obscurities, having the atmosphere kept dark, all build round the Heib track. It could be seen as a well oiled steam locomotive, dangerously coming closer. That Heib track was for me, and still is, the arise of a new musical path I discovered. Pure, deep and raw.

Another lifec hanging record is the Tadeo one, first heard played out by Marcel Dettmann. But as I think now it ‘belongs’ to Dettmann, I slightly changed the way it comes in, to make it more personal. Little surprise for me last week, I found the ‘I Called You’ record, in condition having endured a couple of world wars, but I’m a happy person having it now, and so it’s included here.
During the mix some little snippets come in to disappear right away, but their appearance add some more value in the whole, making it a coherent system. As you might notice, some edits were done too, simple yet effective.

Doing long transitions at times makes the multiple spherical waves and basses conflict with each other, disturbing the phase characteristics of the both tracks. The most ideal mix would be one with only loops, gradually shifting, creating an incomprehensible soundscape of stabbing synths and wobbling basses. Pan Sonic’s ‘Hapatus’ comes very close to my perfect night out...

(in alphabetical order)

Acid Kings & Crystal Bois - Can You Handle The Acid? (Acid Kings Remix) (Sex Tags
Adriaan Vankeerbergen - Replace 3 (Unsigned)

AGF - Cognitive Modules Party II (AGF Production)

AGF - Letters Make No Meaning (Weapons No War Germs No Disease) (AGF Production)

Antti Rannisto - Shared Space (Sleeparchive)

Claro Intelecto - Hunt You Down (Modern Love)

D. Diggler - Lubricated (Raum...musik)

David Wulle & Andy Garcia - Untitled (B1) (Docile Recordings)

Dean & Deluca - Chapter 1 (A1) (M-Plant)

Ellen Allien - Go (Marcel Dettmann Remix) (Bpitch Control)

Heib - Rock Steady (Senior Solution Management)

Iesope Drift - Vamasi (Seico Corp Recordings)

Jan Jelinek - Rock In The Video Age (~Scape)

Johannes Heil - Feirern Part 1 (Kanzleramt)

Kangding Ray - Konstruktiv (Raster-Noton)

Lil Louis & The World - I Called You (A Series Of Events) (Epic)

Marcel Dettmann - Clime (MDR)

Marcel Dettmann - Corebox (MDR)

Marcel Fengler - Early Glow (Ostgut Ton)

Marcel Fengler - Yaki (Ostgut Ton)

O Yuki Conjugate - Niobium (NB) (Robert Hampson Remix) (Staalplaat)

Obelix - Urban Myth (Mosaic)

Object - Gordon Takes A Brake (Foton) (Isolation Edit by Adriaan Vankeerbergen)

Pär Grindvik - Continue In My Words (Dettmann/Klock Remix) (Spectral Sound)

Peter Van Hoesen - Increments (Lan Muzic)

Pom Pom - 31 (D1) (Pom Pom)

Popol Vuh - Nachts: Schnee (Mika Vainio Remix) (Editions Mego)

Samuli Kemppi - Neliöavaruus (Pakkas-Levyt)

Samuli Kemppi - Välitila (Pakkas-Levyt)

Sean Deason - Notch (Matrix Records Detroit)

Sleeparchive - Research (Sleeparchive)

Tadeo - Reflection Nebula 056n (Apnea)

TBA - Train (Max Ernst)

Tobias. - Beat Study 1 (Wagon Repair)

Y.Ann - Part 4 (Un Kit De Survie) (U Mohol


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. I have been a Detroit partier for 10 years and a dj for almost as long, and this mix really took me there. Great techno dubbiness and acid mixed with purpose and style. Well done, sir. It makes me want to mix a new one myself!

3:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a journey! will link this to my friends.

10:03 AM  
Blogger Amilcar Cassasnovas said...

is it possible to know the track that comes around 25min and goes on until around 31 min. approximately? The very detroit house kindof drum beat that's a very nice mix, very nice.
Thank you so much for sharing.

11:17 AM  
Anonymous Adriaan said...

must be Sean Deason - Notch !

8:38 AM  
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