Thursday, May 29, 2008

paradox solutions...


. seems there is this paradox: i've been moving (not like a vector with direction, but...) with an intention and desire and sometimes it seems as though this is impossible without grasping for things with a clenched-jaw and white-knuckled grip...and it's not as though these things are even so well formed that i could call them by a name, but it's more a feeling of imminence and agitation that seem to present themselves with a persistent hum (i remember a childhood sound of lazy summers...). was there ever a time when people had time?

i feel like i have been falling for a long while now and still the ground seems so far away. perhaps it is only my perspective and think: well, maybe i am flying instead (i put my parachute away...)?

it seems the psyche needs sleep and reading manhole 69 again recently has given me ground to spring from. in the story: an experiment to eliminate sleep goes horribly wrong and ends with the subjects suffering from catatonic seizures. the central hypothesis of this short story is that the mind cannot endure continual consciousness, particularly self-consciousness, and reacts by shutting down. they could “no longer contain the idea of their own identity”.

i've been dreaming lately. i run to bed at night. i've been needing it (not sleep, but dreams...). they have been emotional, visual, spatial...but most of all reactive and i've been practicing responses to these heavy-lidded interactions. i pull them into reality. perhaps i look for them in day-to-day life...patching over routine. i try to make things "not new, necessarily, but more". armed with my imagination, i apply pressure to the mundane and send out micro-pulsations that disturb and re-align my daily patterns...

neri oxman has been an inspiration lately. she writes of her work: repetition is not the response to local conditions and therefore we have to move towards custom fit solutions. nature does not differentiate between material, structure and performance. just think of what happens when you break a leg but are still meant to walk. the inner structure of bones adapts to this sudden rupture and the material (calcium) comes together in the weakest point in order to optimize material and structural performance. it's all about integration.

strengths and weaknesses change in time. or maybe it is more in how we learn how to apply them that one supercedes the other? regardless, i like to think about how to thicken those points of connections...disperse the load-bearing moments that are in danger of collapsing...and create things so beautiful that they look like they could only have walked right out of a dream...:::...

download: 080529-modyfier part01

soulphiction – reclap (kalabrese remix) : may 2008 on sonar kollektiv
matchbox – upad aah : apr 2008 on kindisch
guillaume & the coutu dumonts – god dman the whole shebang : apr 2008 on karat
mri – not : may 2008 on resopal schallware
henrik schwarz & kuniyuki – the session feat. yoshihiro tsukahara : may 2008 on mule musiq
move d & benjamin brunn – honey : may 2008 on smallville records
the viewers – streethorn : may 2008 on audiomatique recordings
notic nastic & patrick graser – i’m very close : may 2008 on liebe detail
konque – sinking basement : apr 2008 on konque
reference – exo : may 2008 on beretta grey
robert babicz – dark flower : apr 2008 on audiomatique recordings
braincell – absorb (grindvik remix) : may 2008 on harthouse
loco dice – consequently eccentric and delicate : may 2008 on desolate

download: 080529-modyfier part02

und – fox in the box (skylark mix) : may 2008 on rebirth
morten sorensen – start something : apr 2008 on tirk
myomi – sun in my eyes (paul wooford dub) : may 2008 on southern fried records
chelonis r. jones & marc romboy – helen cornell (2000 and one dub) : apr 2008 on systematic
quarion – vibrations : may 2008 on drumpoet community
milton jackson & sei a – jinzou (manuel tur remix) : may 2008 on urbantorque
roberto rodriguez – ride with me feat. max c. : may 2008 on compost
loco dice – pimp jackson is talking now!!! : may 2008 on desolate
robosonic – kaput in hollywood : jun 2008 on discomafia
morten sorensen – woo hoo : apr 2008 on tirk
martin buttrich – cruise control : may 2008 on planet e communications
booka shade – charlotte (dubfire remix) : may 2008 on get physical music
miss fitz – drifting on : may 2008 on contexterrior


Blogger ForwardEver said...

Shocked. Shocked I am that there are no posts before this one reacting to your paradoxical musings. Not that their mandatory, as people love to lurk on blogs without interfacing. But I was moved by your post, thought others might be too...

But some good thoughts here Modyfier, ones that run counter to my perception. And I'm jealous. Dreamlife gets no play in my sleeptime. Cell regeneration yes, dreams, hardly. Subsequently, I am rarely flying, and more often falling. I'm trying to jujitsu it all, and arc in the right direction before I crash. Music helps with that thankfully...

2:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

part 1 is sooooo good

9:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dreams can move you onward in such special and different ways... Like driving techno, awaking sweaty and confused or soothing ambient, feeling refreshed and ready for another day (and night). You just never know what expects you in Neverland when you close your eyes.

10:24 AM  

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