Monday, May 05, 2008

gut sense...



...:::...more and more i think trying to explain a creative process is like trying to describe how to open and close your’s something you know how to do, but words are lost on the action.
perhaps certain activities just don’t translate into thinking? or maybe it is symptomatic of our limitations...that we are bound to linear thoughts (one at a time) and are too slow to process multi-sensory input. as a result, the way we respond ends up happening in the subconscious which is so often indescribable.

jean nouvel (who was recently awarded the pritzker prize for architecture) says of his own work, "every architecture is an opportunity to create what i call the missing pieces of the puzzle. to find how you can create more poetry with the place where you are and the program you have. you research what will be the most emotional, the most perfect, the most natural. the purpose of all this thinking is to arrive at a result that makes gut sense." i leave my head behind. form gives way to formlessness eventually. the practice of anything takes concentration and tenacity. perhaps thinking sharpens the subconscious...exists in a symbiosis with creative instinct...the feral making-mind...

fred sandback is an artist i have been looking at a lot recently. he writes, "i’m full of thoughts (more or less). my work isn’t. it’s not a demonstration of an idea either. it’s an actuality. ideas are also actualities. the notion that there are ideas that then take form, or ideas that can be extracted from the material substratum, doesn’t make any sense. i’ve always balked at writing anything because there is this need that everyone seems to have for the conceptual or verbal validation of art which doesn’t interest me at all...there’s only a certain amount of control that you can have over a situation. i’m interested in working in that area which the mind can no longer hold onto things. the point at which all ideas fall apart.”

i am most curious about that moment, how kinetic memory make things.
about observing and experiencing things for what they are and noticing the whirling debris that life purges.

download: 080505-modyfier part01

deepchild – fractures (robert babicz remix) : apr 2008 on beef records
tricksi – move me (phonique remix) : mar 2008 on sonar kollektiv
animaltek – pleasure & pain : mar 2008 on wir
mangelt – komplex (namito remix) : apr 2008 on schneiderei
catrat – freedom (jay haze dub mix) : apr 2008 on sonar kollektiv
m-lito – miss you (liapin & afrilounge remix) : mar 2008 on genowefa recordings
mlle caro & franck garcia – dead souls (radio slave long distance kiss mix) : mar 2008 on buzzin’ fly records
monkey brothers – panico escenica : apr 2008 on regular
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junior boys – no kinda man (chloe remix) : mar 2008 on get physical music
gui boratto – tales from the lab (dirty disco remix by alex bartsch) : mar 2008 on defrag
gabriel ferreira – salmonella (stefan tretau remix) : feb 2008 on miniature records
kowabata – persuasion (serafin’s back to new york re-interpretation) : mar 2008 on drumpoet community
alejandro vivanco – rojo pomodoro (digitaline remix) : apr 2008 on andes music

download: 080505-modyfier part02

kraak & smaak – sqeeze me (a skillz remix) : apr 2008 on jalapeno records
sasha dive – street life (samuel davis dark groove remix) : apr 2008 on deep vibes
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alexander roland – balungan : mar 2008 on karmarouge
sasha – coma (slam soma coma mix) : apr 2008 on ultra
tolga fidon – for our fathers : mar 2008 on vakant
coalition of the killing – too many machines (argenis brito late night mix) : mar 2008 on auralism records


Blogger derive said...

you are an amazing selector as are your sketches.
nice nouvel & sandback quotes to boot. The power of sandback's yarn pieces in dia:beacon blew me away.

6:22 PM  
Blogger modyfier said...

so nice. thanks...and yeah, really digging on sandback's stuff a lot. i like that he tries with his work to be a part of an environment, rather than creating a new one altogether.

11:03 PM  

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