Monday, March 24, 2008

preferred geometry...


...:::...there is a division of mathematics called topology that i have been reading about. people who work in this field try to explain things like why two objects, such as a donut and a coffee cup with a handle, are really the same (they call these abstract mathematical spaces 'manifolds')..."each has a single hole and can be manipulated to resemble the other without being torn or cut." and yet, while this malleability is possible, there is a 'preferred geometry' that manifolds take on...i think of it as a personality...

and even though they can take on different forms, there is an intrinsic desire for how they want to express (or what) they want to be...(a piece of fabric draped over a mannequin may as well be the folds of the universe?)...

i've been thinking a lot about this idea of a 'preferred geometry'...(38-24-37) as it relates to creative things are made of materials and as to how they are conceived and perceived. i think it is the work of an artist to develop a dialogue with a medium (an open channel) be receptive to how an idea interfaces phenomenologically...for it to know what it wants to be and to understand that it may shift in is only natural that things are not always clear in their direction: ambiguity is at the core of reason and emotion. desire is never static...:::...

download: 080324-modyfier part01

internullo – sentimente (nea marin remix) : dec 2007 on desolate
kalabrese – makelovedisco : feb 2008 on phictiv records
move d, jackmate & bouillabase – buccaneer : feb 2008 on phil e
oel & polygon – dexter : feb 2008 on regular
guillaume & the coutu dumonts – les gans (audio werner remix) : mar 2008 on musique risque
h.o.s.h. & stimming – radar : feb 2008 on diynamic
lutzenkirchen – paperboy (d-nox & beckers remix) : feb 2008 on great stuff
polder, lauhaus & david labeij – topdrop : feb 2008 on 100& pure
ralph silwinski – boutique orange : jan 2008 on num records
style of eye – rocket (plasmik remix) : jan 2008 on tiny sticks
solomun & stimming – ghostdog : feb 2008 on diynamic
llorca – expectations : feb 2008 on f communications

download: 080324-modyfier part02

dop – foly b-schnitte (remix by robag wruhme) : feb 2008 on milnormodern records
kraak & smaak – mad as hell : dec 2007 on jalapeno records
blaze – funky people (wipe the needle remix) : dec 2007 on slip n slide records
wagon cookin – start to play (christian prommer’s jam mix) : aug 2007 on compost
chaz jankel – get myself together (hercules & love affair herc bump mix) : mar 2008 on tirk
osunlade – my reflection (deetron remix) : feb 2008 on strictly rhythm
the tape & rqm – luvely (kalabrese remix) : feb 2008 on mouthwatering records
soulphiction – prison song feat. marcin oz : feb 2008 on sonar kollektiv
robosonic – nintendo (alexander robotnik remix) : feb 2008 on open bar music
stewart walker – free association : feb 2008 on persona
mlle caro & franck garcia – always you (ewan pearson remix) : feb 2008 on buzzin’ fly records


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the most consistently good and tasteful techno mix I've heard in a looooong time. Thank you

9:37 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

good track selection, and a very interesting read. cheers!

1:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like how you approach topology from the perspective of the artist- my introduction was through Deleuze' book on Foucault, where he makes use of conceptual aspects of topology to re-express relations between thought, power, knowledge, and their constitution of our social field.

'every form is a compound of relations between forces'..'recuperated by power-relations and relations of knowledge, the relation to oneself is continually reborn, elsewhere and otherwise.'

its abstract but rewarding,an experimental philosophy attempting to think what was perhaps previously 'unthinkable'..

thanks for the great selection of music, will be testing some of it out tonight at our house party after optimo's bi-annual destruction of the reading rooms in dundee, scotland!

7:08 AM  

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