Wednesday, March 05, 2008



Juxtaposition in music has always been one of the key factors drawing me to production and Djing. I love taking organic sounds and mixing them together with something totally un-organic and digital sounding. It usually has to do with using vocals to reinforce crazy sounds, but I went a little different route with this one. Acid lines have been one of the most textural parts of dance music since the 80’s, and I’ve always held strings and string arrangements as the most human and emotional of all real instruments, so I think this one works well to combine both of those textures and feelings into one.

‘Itch.’ all began with the acid line. I thought it was a great line to be repetitive through the whole track, so I built the string arrangement around that. The drums came last, and I kept them simple and old sounding, thinking that worked the best. I did another version with more electronic/minimal-style drums, and no crazy tom loop in the middle, but I didn’t think it worked as well. So I just stuck to the old school drums, and I think it’s better for it. I love the end result of the song being a hard, drum-driven stormer, but at the same time having an emotional content to it.

The process of doing this “Process” has been interesting for me, ‘cause I don’t really think about the existential aspects of making instrumental music. My process is usually get up, go to the gym, work in the studio for a bit, go skate, work some more, go to bed, repeat. But it’s getting me thinking about why things sound like they do, why it makes us feel a certain way, and why we like it that way. To quote the RZA: “We’re expressing our feelings, and we’re expressing our dark feelings. So his feelings may be deeper than mine, or my feelings may be deeper than his, but it’s all an expression of a feeling”...


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