Monday, February 11, 2008


structures don't necessarily need mass to express their what is it that grants the co-existence of resilience and elegance?...

tension can be erased through a balance of a one-fingered hand-stand or a sure-footed an experiential vocabulary where clumsiness and hesitation don't exist, an aligned structure yields the possibility of a weightless strength (unburdened by forces)...a personal truth emerges, giving light to dark matter...(not relying on muscle and brawn to hold things together with a tightly-clenched-jaw and a white-knuckled-grip...)...

rather it is the beauty of a relaxed expression...propelling grace through a focused will. imagination brims with possibilities and an offer to experience good things twice. i've been working to become like that self-righting object (remember the gomboc?)...knowing that there is an external form to emotion...

download: 080211-modyfier_part01

knor – roc(k)ambolesque : dec 2007 on gs-zurich
inaqui marin – i don’t know : jan 2008 on regular
stefan tretau – mir : dec 2007 on fortek
max cavalerra – nostalgia : jan 2008 on karmarouge records
bukaddor & fishbeck – mantikor : jan 2008 on traum
internal sync – song for dementia (stefan tretau remix) : nov 2007 on broque
miss kitten – metalhead : jan 2008 on nobody’s bizzness
sascha dive – annihilating rhythm : jan 2008 on drumpoet community
italoboyz – at de stella : jan 2008 on get physical music
nivek tsoy – new galaxy love : jan 2008 on dessous
paulo olarte – solo tu (isolee remix) : jul 2007 on fresh fish
john waynes – retouch (me mix) : jan 2008 on brique rouge
paco osuna & dj ladida – another chance : nov 2007 on article

download: 080211-modyfier_part02

komytea – kaktus city (sasse aka freestyle man remix) : jan 2008 on laka
sasse – mount juneay (discotronix remix) : dec 2007 on mule musiq
das etwas – lick the nose : jan 2008 on mule musiq
i:cube – pazuzu : dec 2007 on versatile records
armin prayd – jokuvamana city (stereofunk remix) : dec 2007 on bikinitracks
johnjon – sag nicht sowas : jan 2008 on stil vor talent
oliver klein & martin eyerer – babylon (patrick zigon remix) : jan 2008 on kling klong
nico purman – muela pain : jan 2008 on vakant
prosumer & murat tepeli – turn around feat. elif bicer (cassy smooth remix) : jan 2008 on ostgut ton
plasmik – mindpattern (afrilounge’s deep string remix) : jan 2008 on connoisseur recordings
jurgen kirsch – liquid : jan 2008 on stil vor talent
cesare vs disorder – small creatures : jan 2008 on resopal schallware
joseph capriati – pac man (from karaoke to stardom remix) : jan 2008 on minibus
caribou – she’s the one (kelley polar remix) : nov 2007 on city slang


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your question "what is it that grants the co-existence of resilience and elegance?" seemed like something that the I-Ching might be able to answer.

So being impertinent, I asked.

Nigel Richmond's interpretation of the hexagram it brought back included these lines.

"Forces of opposition
cannot coexist
without losing character
so they take turns"

to realize form
is to allow its innate character
wise government is not imposed"

I'm not sure if thats helpful,
but thank you very much for the music.

12:22 AM  
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