Thursday, February 07, 2008



I used this mix to tie together some ideas/songs that refused to leave my head, so now at least they're in one place and not spilling everywhere. Tracks 1-9 were in heavy rotation for much of the second half of 2007 (the first half being occupied largely by Funkstorung's "return to the acid planet"). Some tracks were edited with grid-spaced beatmatching, some were done freehand. Can you guess which?

download: tago-mago - process part 062 (mix 1)

01 james holden - idiot (tago-mago edit)
02 para one - turtle trouble
03 ben theves - texas (tago-mago edit)
04 ttc - codeine (tago-mago edit)
05 daft punk - human after all (guy-man after all justice mix)
06 sebatiAn - h.a.l.
07 krazy baldhead - revolution (para one remix) (tago-mago edit)
08 faux pas - dorothy's finger (tago-mago edit)
09 skream - midnight request line (tago-mago edit)
10 paul woolford - erotic discourse (tago-mago edit)
11 michael fakesch - give it to me (tago-mago edit)
12 chris liebing - d (tago-mago edit)
13 autechre - stop look listen (tago-mago edit)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

reupload this set, please.

12:39 AM  
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