Tuesday, February 05, 2008


(Konstantin Gabbro is a founder of Orac together with Randy Jones aka Caro and of Adjunct
together with Kenneth James Gibson aka [a]pendics.shuffle. He makes music as Papa Sang Bass.)

I had looped a few grooves for this project when my friend, Ron, phoned
me out of the blue to let me know he was back in town. I hadn't spoken to him in quite some time. Ron (Ronald) Robinson has two names; the second one is Sheva Rutherford. Both names are real and legal in different states. He lived in Los Angeles for years before taking a two year absence from the city in an effort to pursue other venues of his career as an actor and singer.

A day or two later he came over, we hung out and I wrote a few words on paper. I recorded a few minutes of totally random vocal improvisations of his which made their way into this track. He used some of the words I had come up with, not all. He also sang a few lines of his own. Here are some of the words:

Head in the slumber

I just don't know...

A tiny legend

She comes and goes

A single touch

The purest ray serene

Why can't we go there?

She takes it all...

Although it was about 11 at night and we thought it was nice and
quiet, all kinds of different noises happened. I decided to leave most of them in the track.

Later I sat down to sort the recordings out and realized that the way the vocals landed on the timeline in Logic wasmore or less the way to have them in the track. At the end the track turned out to be a somewhat dubby little jam with the vocal snippets mixed in a traditional dub style - mute/unmute the effects, ride the sliders on the vocal tracks sort of thing. I decided to call the track "Tiny Legends", two words that came up that night.