Monday, January 14, 2008

losing lost...

. seems there are fewer and fewer ways these days to find yourself lost. with more technologies geared towards telling you exactly where you are at any given moment, those kinds of wonderful mis-turns that you might have taken are becoming increasingly rare...

over the holidays, there was an ad campaign around san francisco that showed
a helio cell phone with the imperative command to, 'lose your lost' sprawled across gigantic billboards. i thought, 'how horrible''s that very feeling of finding myself in the unfamiliar that has provided a re-occurring threshold to so many undiscovered things.

i wonder as the margins for the unknown shrink in the physical world (in terms of place and time, for example...) whether conceptual wanderings might be effected, too. is there a direct correlation? has the idea of being "lost" been re-contextualized? has it taken on a discrete vocabulary of it's own? has it become detached from possibility altogether because people are no longer comfortable with not knowing where they are? by giving it the same appeal as say, cancer...has it been re-defined to mean something that can make you sick and must be treated with a trusty hand-held device?

i hope not. this is the place that inspiration lives...that shoulders are found to stand on...that work re-invents itself. learning to get lost let go without fear...continues to show me the most wonderful and illuminated things.

maybe it's all as simple as knowing your point-of-view. daniel boone once said, "i never was lost in the woods in my whole life, though once i was seriously confused for three days..." here's to that dark ocean. amen

download: 080115-modyfier_part01

move d – computer flop feat. dj la : apr 2007 on workshop
pole – achterbahn (shackleton remix) : oct 2007 on scape
alessandro crimini – dubweiser : oct 2007 on sthlmaudio recordings
bjoern stolpmann – the space between : nov 2007 on harthouse
kassem mosse – untitled a1 : sep 2007 on workshop
pigon – promises : oct 2007 on dial records
jan jelinek – tierbeobachtungen (thomas fehlmann up to my same old trick again mix) : dec 2007 on scape
raz ohara & the odd orchestra – kisses (pantha du prince remix) : nov 2007 on get physical music
ben klock & marcel dettman – dawning (revisited) : dec 2007 on ostgut ton
friendly people – music is improper (martin buttrich remix) : nov 2007 on apnea
kiki – dancing graffiti (zander vt remix) : dec 2007 on bpitch control
etienne jaumet – repeat again after me (ame remix) : nov 2007 on versatile records
p.toile – tigre della stella (dachshund remix) : oct 2007 on channels records
paolo olarte – sin formiere : dec 2007 on galaktika records
robert lippok – the heart of nut picked by the crows of neu koeln : jan 2008 on monika enterprise

download: 080115-modyfier_part02

timo garcia – magic roundabout (lutzenkirchen remix) : nov 2007 on berwick street danton eeprom & a kind of ceasar – highlight of the damage done (a kind of ceasar version) : dec 2007 on backroom dandy
guido schneider & jay haze – acai force (fuckpony dark passenger mix) : dec 2007 on tuning spork
afrilounge – lux dementia : dec 2007 on connaiseseur recordings
heckmann – silverscreen : dec 2007 on afu limited
alex under – gris : dec 2007 on cmyk music
cirez d – teaser (deadmau5 remix version two) : dec 2007 on mouseville
walter meego – through a keyhole (solid groove & sinden remix) : dec 2007 on pieces of eight records
skat – take it back : nov 2007 on sthlmaudio recordings
natural rhythm – mumble mouth (style of eye ‘let’s talk’ mix) : dec 2007 on dotbleep
poni hoax – antibodies (chateau flight remix) : oct 2007 on tigersushi
lauhaus et chaptal – freedom fries : nov 2007 on remote area
hardrock striker – metallika (in flagranti danceteria nyc mix) : dec 2007 on skylax records
samim – heater (robidog remix) : dec 2007 on get physical music
the mountain people – mountain 005.1 : dec 2007 on mountain people


Blogger yei-ci said...

i found you over allez allez blog, amazing taste from my point of view, thank you for making me smile againg since i left somewhere...!!! that's what i call a real shoulder to stand on...

9:50 PM  
Blogger La Chips said...

yo! great blog mister.
i love your way of letting people talk about music they like and about their mixes, how ity was recorded etc... it's simple and passionate. and the music is always great!

7:37 AM  
Blogger modyfier said...

smiling, strong shoulders, simplicity, passion = good things. more to come. inspiration from collaboration. carry on.

2:52 PM  
Blogger ForwardEver said...

What we may be losing is the desire to be lost in our overly connected world. But the truth is we need that connectedness, because our willful ignorance of those on the margins led to a very unequal set of affairs.

Having said that, "lost" for me is a state of mind. I can certainly find no end of lost places in pretty much any urban center I'm in. Existentially lost places. Its all what "lost" means to the particular individual. For some its a solo train ride, for others the Kalahari.

I get lost in music. Like an out of body experience.

2:55 PM  
Blogger Philip Downey said...

I've been following your blog since last spring, and this may be the hottest package you've put together. Too many great tracks to mention.

8:02 AM  

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