Friday, January 25, 2008



We see ourselves as two vibe-obsessed bros with a history removed from producing music designed to simply move bodies. In other words, we're not really proper DJs. Armed with a passion for blackened metal, nihilistic hardcore, and the realm of tripper techno, we've set out to create progressive electronic compositions rooted in mind-engulfing vibes and tones. Rather than compiling tracks conceived to simply make people thoughtlessly move, we've constructed a mix that inspires and encourages us.

The track selection itself leans toward a psyched-out post-electro trip, and the decision to go with any one track had more to do with the general feel of a given piece than a particular affiliation with or affectation for a specific artist. On paper, the list is fairly representative of something that we would do in a live context. Although, we've actually strayed from an obvious "live" performance, we've become increasingly engaged with making mixing more interesting for us rather than simply selecting a clip in Ableton–and more interesting for the crowd instead of just fucking with effects. The balance that we're aiming for is not a gimmick wherein we include any and everything we possibly can, but we want to revel in the celestial, cosmic elements about which we are most passionate.

We can only hope that this mix stokes out that dude in the corner smoking grass as much as any enthusiast of all night raving and all-things banging.

01. Death In June "Death Books I" (NER)
02. Märtini Bros. "From Buleaux (Konrad Black Remix)" (PokerFlat)
03. Pan Sonic "Hapatus" (Mule Musiq)
04. Pig & Dan "Sly Detector" (Cocoon)
05. Håkan Lidbo "A Call for Islam" (Shitkatapult)
06. Basteroid "16 Steps Away From the Stars" (Areal)
07. Hours of Worship "Violence Against Violence" (Unreleased)
08. Phil Kieran "I Think I'm A Monster" (Cocoon)
09. Alex Smoke "Brian's Lung 12" Mix" (Soma)
10. Guy Gerber "Last Frequency"


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this shit is trill murray

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