Thursday, January 17, 2008


This song’s creation process is very typical of my way of writing music.

Here’s the story: my mate Jef.K once recommended me this Japanese movie called ‘Ame Agaru’ (“After The Rain”).

I watched it and was completely captivated in ways I can’t really explain but found it completely inspirational. Its music and atmosphere just made me want to try to reproduce it with my own words - i.e sounds. This idea haunted me for almost a couple of years, and on many an occasion I tried to use some samples I took from the score.

One day I arrived at the studio and told myself that it was time to achieve the song and to disregard the notion of it being ‘spun’ by any DJs on the planet. I now realise that mindset and self imposed pressure just prevented me from making any music.

Then, ‘Ame Agaru’ just came out very naturally in a few hours. I tried to follow one of the themes of the movie, which is basically to express that very feeling you get in a forest just after the rain, when everything springs back to life. This explains the construction of the track which is very long and evolving. The intro is basically trying to capture the atmosphere when the rain stops. The sounds here can be related to noises of the nature...


Blogger reiven said...

i really liked the percussion programation on the track. nice work!

2:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

funny, this is the first track on my process mix (still in progress...)

10:01 AM  

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