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I’ve always had a fascination with bringing people new things, watching someone hearing and or dancing to a great piece of music for the first is my favourite part of being a DJ; sharing music that you think is great with other like-minded people.

For me the idea of achieving this solely through having the most upfront minimal promos and the latest remix of this or that is crazy – I think that some DJs are guilty of forgetting that they are there to entertain an audience (whether it be in a club or online) rather than simply impress their peers. Accordingly with our (Allez-Allez) mixes we attempt to dig a little deeper, avoid clichés and generally take the path less travelled to put together a more personal and stimulating listening experience, for you the listeners out there.

On to the mix… I recently acquired the Peter Jacques Band ‘Fly With The Wind’ track, which really blew my head off – I love disco that has a melancholic, ethereal quality too it, and this really caught my imagination, so I decided that would set the tone. From there the mix goes through a variety of different styles, but all are tunes that are close to my heart, some discovered myself, others recommended to me by friends or even tracks I’ve heard on other mixes that jumped out at me as being great.

I put together my mixes in Ableton Live 7, so I tend to re-edit the beginning and end of most tracks to enable the most fluid mix and keep things flowing as seamlessly as possible. Often it’s just a case of looping sections of the track to keep it in the same key as it fades out, or creating mini glitch edits as fills to make a transition work better.

- sam willis

01. Tangerine Dream - White Clouds
02. Peter Jacques Band - Fly With The Wind (12" Mix)
03. Ganymed - Music Takes Me Higher
04. Minimal Compact - Statik Dancin'
05. Dj H & Steffy - Come On Boy (Instrumental Mix)
06. Patrick Cowley - Mind Warp
07. Paul Rutherford - Get Real
08. Tokyo Black Star - Blade Dancer (Dixon Edit)
09. Fairmont – Fade And Saturate
10. Alex Under - Vacarneroveja


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you. This set had me smiling with head bobbing. A pleasure to listen to. I loved your BOC set, by the way. Thanks for gifting your talent to the world.

3:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lovely mix.

4:00 AM  
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it really does flow nicely

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