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It was the Thanksgiving holiday and my wife was sick, so we spent most of the break at home. She slept a lot, as sick people do, and I wanted better ways to occupy the time than watching shitty television. I intended to keep slogging through the pages (the words are fine) of Neal Stephenson's Cyptonomicon, and/or make headway on my severly stunted NaNoWriMo effort. Instead found myself stuck in my MacBook playing with tracks. A couple weeks earlier I finished a mix of clubbier tracks -- most of them played previously in various sets at the last Burning Man. Cooking with the same set of flavors didn't seem all that appetizing. Earlier this year I mixed some tracks from Rayna's blog, and it all seemed to fall together very easily and fluidly, so I decided to do a sequel; I stitched together tracks that have been shuffling in my iPod for a while, all from her blog, except for the last one, which sneaked its way into the playlist. I almost told it to shove off, but in the end I decided I liked it for a closer. Later I realized that Square One's "Vesuvius" was also on a previous mix; apparently I'm prone to repeating myself, you'll have to forgive me. It was the Thanksgiving holiday and my wife was sick...

01. tosca / superrob / henrik schwarz mix
02. simon baker & infant / plastik
03. delon & dalcan / academy
04. balke / rock over you / paolo martini rmx
05. nick muir / i feel real / chopstick rmx
06. square one / vesuvius / justin martin rmx
07. dino da cassino / don't you (forget about me) / dino lenny original - loafer edit
08. julian poker & john-e & diego miranda / wahnzinn / phonique rmx
09. david k / incoming / motorcitysoul rmx
10. rocha & lewinger / miles
11. mihell / the grit / dos rmx
12. jjazzy & alex
santos / the look into your eyes / phonique rmx
13. chaim / c factor / audio soul project rmx
14. deetron / life soundtrack ft dj bone / rejected interpretation
15. andy cato (groove armada) / uppers on the south downs / andy cato's hot head rmx
16. trentemoller & buda / gamma / perc rmx
17. alterno79 / gti / groove rebels rmx
18. lusine / push
19. resin dogs / she's gone / kraak & smaak rmx
20. ben mono / beatbox ft capitol a / kalbata rmx
21. t.u.m.m. / fur immer / sweno n & pascal vert rmx
22. gui boratto / mr decay / robert babicz universum disco rmx
23. olivier gregoire / empechment
24. grand theft auto / keep moving
25. makossa & megablast / find it ft farda p


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being a fan of this always refreshing blog, I can only say what a great way to summarize one year's experience.
It's like trying to select the best of the best, crème de la crème. Not an easy task for sure.
Thank you!


3:59 PM  
Blogger pIp said...

Nice set, love the electro under/overtones.

Last track with Farda P especially dope!


4:13 PM  

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