Monday, November 26, 2007


I've been wanting to make a disco mix for a really long time and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. I've been feeling all these classic disco tracks lately and was really obsessive about making something that wasnt obvious (a la I Will Survive and Ring My Bell). I really can't imagine what it was like to play this music to a room full of people freaking out but if I squint I get close. I picture lots of glitter, sweat, feathery hair, druuuuuugs, etc. etc. but I'm probably way off. I bet it was way cooler than that before the Bee Gees took a dump on everyone. Anyway, here's my fantasy disco utopia.

Lasagne for 10 - Phantom Slasher
: Not sure what original track this is because this is a re-edit by the Idjut Boys or something and they dont name the tracks they use. Kind of lame. Awesome track in it's entirety but I just used it as an intro.

What You Want - Konk
: I love all that post punk / post disco dancey stuff from the early 80s. Contortions, Bush Tetra's, Kid Creole, etc. but Konk was especially on it musically as in: they delivered on the chops.

Problemes d'amour - Alexander Robotnick
: This doood's Italian and so am I. We I-talians like to help each other out. He's had it rough the past couple years so I threw him on this mix to maybe give him a little boost. Stay up Robotnick!

Reputation or Notoriety - In Flagranti
: I love this newer disco stuff that sounds like it's made by a bunch of people dressed up like Clan of the Cave Bear and covered in dirt. Sooooo weird! All their tracks sound like they were recorded on an 8 track tape machine or an ADAT machine that someone poored a cup of wet cigarettes on. I love you In Flagranti!

Lady Bug - Bumblebee Unlimited
: I just threw in the intro for this to transition in to Movin' because the whole song is just too amazing and I want to selfishly hoard it to myself. Not that it's a real rare track but it's just one of those songs you dont want to ruin by listening to too much.

Movin' - Brass Construction:
The horns on this are so tough and it has that awesome ethereal disco thing going on in the background of all the breakdowns with the rhodes getting all twinkly. Apparently this was THE jam in my imagined disco utopia!

Tell You (Today) - Loose Joints
: I am an obsessive Arthur Russel fan. Everything from the singles to World Of Echo to Indian Ocean. It's amazing that the amount of unreleased material from him dwarves what he actually released. I just found this song recently and have been listening to it non stop for a week. Every part of this is mind-bottling, the intro with the skronky horns, the chorus and the beautiful harmonies. Just so amazing!

Action 78 - Erotic Drum Band
: First single from this Canadian Disco group that apparently flopped on release. I never get past how cool the intro is so I just threw that on here.

Take A Chance - Mr. Flaggio
: Italo-disco! The music of my people. I was reading somewhere that young French people hate the Italo tracks because it reminds them of the parties their lame parents used to throw when they were kids. My parents listened to the Eagles. Weird.

Hot Shot - Karen Young
: Classic.

Let's Go Another Round - Rainbow Brown
: Tom Moulton Re-Edit!!!!!!! This guy was king of the remixes back in disco town and definitely has quite a discography. Classic track with the staple strings and tinny guitar solo.

Kiss Me Again (Pretty Titty Edit) - Dinosaur:
I made this re-edit to de-emphasize the cello part and just let the vocals carry everything. It's an extremely rough performance all around but it definitely lends a really great song a lot of charm. Again with the Arthur Russell. Sorry.


Blogger Unknown said...

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I am also wondering if you would be interested in checking out my music.

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9:24 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Tom Moulton is the master. Legendary. The disco revival is now. Jim Burgess is a close second. If you love disco, google around for some authentic Bobby Viteritti mixes live at the Trocadero. The hotness for sure!

5:32 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Oh, btw, this mix is the WHIP!!!! Action 78! That Loose Joints whistling. Ah, it gives me the chills. Excellent, excellent track selection and the mixing is flawless.

6:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

really nice mixes!! oh, and that phantom slasher track is a re-edit of Chilly's disco version of the Yardbird's - FOR YOUR LOVE.
check it out!

visit for.... electro mixes

11:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

An incredibly good mix with some known and unknown gems in it! The flow is so nice. I like that Rainbow track. Some say it is a band, other tell me she's a singer. Does anybody know?

7:22 AM  
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