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Upholding and Losing
Berlin, 29 October 2007

When Rayna asked me to make a contribution to her Modyfier project I originally intended to make something very conceptual in order to correspond to the layout of the project. But when I finally started working on the track I quickly moved away from that idea and complied with my current moods and feelings towards my music. I realized that I was currently longing to make some classic House music and to sort of create an old-school feeling without actually sounding like the legendary predecessors. To me nothing captures the feeling of House like those harmonic pads and chords which have been used by Mr. Fingers as well as Maurizio, by Mood II Swing as well as Matthias Tanzmann to name just a few. So I created a track which revolves around pads and chords and added a few percussive elements to make the track interesting rhythm-wise. Over all, I tried to keep it simple and not to add too many layers which is not easy since I often find myself tempted to use too many different patterns.

As I said before I do not intend to sound like classic Chicago House or something. This is something which does not interest me. Instead, with this track I tried to recreate vibes and moods which to me are synonymous with a good night out dancing to House music. Still, the sounds and melodies that I use are not identical with traditional House tracks. To me with this particular track it was more important to keep the balance between creating something unique with its own musical language and remaining in the vein of the big idea of how House music has traditionally sounded. I hope you all enjoy my quest for this balance.


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Thanks for the track, Michael and Rayna!

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