Thursday, November 01, 2007


i am happy
so why not show it?

everything seems to be open
everything seems to be endless
everything seems to be so near
i could be everywhere...

life is referring
i respect nothing
and respect everything
you stand for it
the seasons remain not the same
you don't either
surrounded by the weather
changing time

we see the cruelty
and we see love

01. indie me (unveroffentlicht)
02. liebe / propendeck pnn rmx (unveroffentlicht)
03. hoheit
04. troubleboy
05. auf deutsch / tanzmusik pnn rmx with michael heydebreck (corbid)
06. cloud 7 / alessandro crimi pnn "back to earth" remix (italic)
07. loose control feat. ansorge (firm - i want you for popnoname)
08. ferry sponge theme (italic - you are popnoname)


Blogger saintvitas said...

Thanks for your constant searching.
Life is much more sensuous with good music!

10:53 AM  
Blogger pierre d'alai said...


great mix! I have some comment:

You said "Initially I thought of producing some kind of ‘best of Detroit ’, but I found this too difficult to pin down. ==> PIN DOWN? How would you do something of CD length called “best of jazz”? or “best of rock”? That’s how much scope i think Detroit techno has.

It's an interesting coincidence that you mention how Derrick May is a glaring omission: I put off hearing your set for 2-3 days while I explored the wonderful world of Derrick May DJ sets available online. For years now the Mayday Mix has been my alltime favorite DJ mix ever, and the Mitico Naples set is transcendent!

the trax:

Moodymann - I Can't Kick This Feeling When It Hits (Planet E, 1997)
You placed this really well, but opposite to the way I’ve used it in mixes. For me, this works well as that point in the roller-coaster ride where you get the feeling that there’s about to be some real momentum involved – you know, the point when you’re just over the hump and things start to really kick off. However you have it close to the beginning of the set, as though it’s just a hint of what’s to come, but it might take a while to get there. That’s only my interpretation, of course.

Do you know Julian Atkins’ WaxTrax Mastermix? He starts out playing “No UFOs” and “Nude Photo” back and forth and on top of each other. wicked. Also, The way you go from “No UFO’s” to “Shades of Jae” is really cool, and opposite from the way I’ve used it in mixes. I’ve played it really late, so kind of extend an already-established cool groove (e.g. for the ppl who still want to hang for another hour or so). Kind of the way you use the Model 500 way at the end.

The S'Express is a good example of how I don’t completely connect with Carl Craig – I would have almost preferred to hear the original … an example of where I find him interestingly jazzy but not totally on point, if you know what I mean.

The Richie Hawtin is another case of your using something differently from the way I would, but it works out even better than my results. I’ve used this at the end of a high point, to kind of continue the white-hot feeling and keep an edge on things. You use it to kick off a long techno tip. Respect!

You matched the the Jeff Mills tracks really nicely. I love the way in general, things get kicked up a notch at right about 35:30, when the ‘rave cymbal’ starts up.

You go on an interesting electro tip for a while and then, bam, it’s Jaguar time. Major curve ball. Cool.

when you mention wanting to do a Detroit set, it occurs to me that you could do an entire 70-minute set of *early* UR stuff and still feel you’re only scratching the surface (The Final Frontier, For the Music, Nocturbulous [and the Suburban Knight’s entire Nocturbulous Mix is just plain dangerous), . I’ve been to parties where the place just explodes with energy when Atomic Witchdokta hits the turntable.

man I’m so glad you included this last Model 500 thing!! For one thing, I didn’t know the record, even though this is my favorite side of Juan Atkins (like Coffeeshop Connection). But also, as a place to put it in the set, it’s brilliant. The one-hour mark is around where I’d put Shades of Jae, but this works way better for extending the cool vibe almost indefinitely. PROPS DUE.


12:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


want you exchange friends links ?

thx :)

8:29 AM  
Blogger idle. said...

Awesome mix. Thanks a lot.

6:19 AM  
Anonymous drzwi said...

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