Wednesday, October 17, 2007

...:::...i've been attentive to 'rigour' lately...finding the more discipline i apply to things, the easier they eventually become. it creates a framework for more play and flow...

i practice blinking slowly (somehow it makes me happy)...

i wonder about isolating 'feeling' all on its own, without comparison (see: a duck, a taxi, a school bus. how many shades of yellow?)...however, i find this hurts my head and prefer in the end to let my emotions see-saw between my experience (doing things) and awareness (observing things)...phenomenology aside.

practicing this loosens my imagination (untethered, it twists and turns, finds every tired joint and rotates through them...such an insatiable appetite for flexibility!) it license to create it's own landscapes and syncopated narratives. to be wild or calm. to hopscotch. fold time, origami-like...

neither navigating nor riding...i am in a space where total compression only provides more opportunity to expand (instead of holding my breath in my lungs, i store it wholly in my muscles and bones). these possibilities and so much more, i find, a rigourous imagination brings...:::...

071016-modyfier part 01

michelle amador – because of you (polar pair mix) : oct 2007 on sick trumpet
tone control – love thing featuring lady j (small arms fiya remix) : oct 2007 on tone control
phresh n low – zapped (dicky trisko cosmic edit) : aug 2007 on deep freeze recordings
drei farben house – exception day : oct 2007 on kupei musika
3 channels – incoming : oct 2007 on trapez
phonique – space cruise feat. gui boratto (phonique version) : sep 2007 on dessous recordings
lazy fat people – pixel girl (carl craig mix) : oct 2007 on plant e communications
the coconut wireless – get the fuck up (the havana boys remix) : aug 2007 on moonbootique
robosonic – die verwandlung (jan hertz remix) : jun 2007 on diskomafia
le noir – eleny (radio slave’s panorama remix) : sep 2007 on fling recordings
inaqui marin – my little box : oct 2007 on tiny sticks
the black ghosts – some way through this (plastician & scream remix) : oct 2007 on southern fried records
susumu yokota – kawano hotorino kinoshitade 1998 : oct 2007 on lo recordings

download: 071016-modyfier part 02

louderbach – season 6 (ellen alien away remix) : oct 2007 on underline
paul ritch – swartz : sep 2007 on resopal schallware
sono – all those city lights (phonique dub) : sep 2007 on pias
lopazz – riders on the floor : oct 2007 on get physical music
chymera – a question : oct 2007 on nrk
sian - apple tree (efdemin remix) : sep 2007 on aus music
miguel toro – cure (oil of mars vs samim remix) : oct 2007 on moon harbour
tiger stripes – mad at me : oct 2007 on get physical music
susumu yokota – kodomotachi : oct 2007 on lo recordings
drei farben house – exception day : oct 2007 on kupei musika


Blogger M. Amador said...

I appreciate your thoughts on rigour and discipline and "neither navigating nor riding."


P.s. glad you like 'because of you'. thanks! :)

'Because of You' + Remixes

7:36 AM  
Blogger modyfier said...

michelle: yes, 'rigour' and 'discipline'. always a challenge...but in the end they percolate 'quality'.

and i LOVE because of you.

12:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice blog. i'll be rigorously checking it :)

1:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thnx for all good music....I looked a few times but didn't saw you posting music anymore, finnaly you did it..This makes my vivyl-shop-guy even more happier because now I'am going the buy some tracks at his place!Thnx from the Netherlands..!

1:30 AM  
Blogger Botanika said...

Thanks for choosing our remix of Michelle's "Because of You".

You have an impeccable taste in music... Will you marry me ? :)

4:52 PM  

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