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when it comes down to a good mix, be it music or food, fine ingredients are mandatory, forming olfactoric and gastronomic arrays of elements, each one individual on it's own. the purpose of preparation can be manifold as it's technique involved, the lucullian pleasures as individual as it's ingredients. how does your music taste, how do you eat?

food...notice that instant rush of saliva when seeing, smelling a mouth watering dish of your favorite meal music...feel that small but intense physical sensation of hairs rising, on your arms and your head, listening to that track, listening to the blending of sounds and rhythms, that passage of acoustic notions. sensual sensations. many say that to be moved by music, on dancefloors, in their minds by other minds, to cite an old motto of plus 8 records. although being a very commonplace idea, i prefer to be sensually touched by music than just moved as it encompasses a bouquet of actions not only inside your head and body, triggered by music in contextual relationships. going to clubs with plugged ears, still hearing the music just loud enough to remind you where you are, the usual arduous hustling rolls off your conscience, leaving yourself wide awake for the sensual sensations like the warmth of people coming closer, the air pressure and movement in the vicinity of the speakers...did you see the flame of your lighter shaking to the bass while lighting up your cigarette? the low sound level contrasts to all the action around you, amplifying the experience like a slow motion film scene. so many details that usually, literally, get blown away...without substance abuse that is.

stir it up, boil it down. preparation is part of the process, when it comes to food and eating. chemical processes, small acidic molecules roaming around the taste buds, swirls of tasty streaks like chocolate stirred with fresh milk and honey, fruits and curry, light and sweet. mixing music is so much like preparing food, where connaisseurship meets technique, artistry meets science.

01. High Quality Schall - Jin Choi

02. High Quality Schall (Baby Ford Remix) - Jin Choi

03. All Night Blahblah (Jackmate Mix) - Bruno Pronsato

04. Touch - Pig & Dan

05. Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig Remix) - Rhythm & Sound

06. Free Your Mind - Social Being

07. Rose Rouge (Tak Su Mix) - Tak Su

08. Evolved - Soul Capsule Prod.

09. Son Of Raw (Loco Dice Remix) - Dennis Ferrer

10. Catabolism (Efdemin Remix) - Henry & Denis

11. *not to be disclosed*

12. Blank Images - The Viewers

13. Sakadat - Petre Inspirescu

14. Lowdown - Marek Hemmann

15. Sick Certificate - Piemont

16. Just a Woman (Audion version - Ellen Allien)

17. Prosa - Touane

18. Sleepy Hollow Version - Stefan Goldmann & Âme

19. From Disco Top Disco (Whighnomy Bros. Mix) - Whirlpool Productions

20. Shake The Doom (Arto's Bubbles In The Bathtub Shake) - Jahcoozi

21. Part Time Police Detective - Freddy Moonlight

22. Grey Clouds (2020 Balearic Bastards Mix) - 2020 SoundSystem

23. State Of Mind - Motorcitysoul

24. Aye Aya Ashawa (Mathias Kaden Remix) - Pheek

25. Heater - Samim

26. Charlotte - Reboot

27. Back To The Time (Original Mix) - Paul Ritch
28. Perce-Neige (Original Mix) - Pheek
29. The Grass Is Always Greener - Jichael Mackson

30. Rej - Âme

31. In White Rooms (Elektrochemie Remix) - Booka Shade

32. Ewilco - Cab Drivers

33. Remember Love - Nôze

34. Soul in a Bottle - Jay Haze featuring Big Bully & Sven VT

35. Programmer - Martin Buttrich

36. Nightshade (AlexKid Club Remix) - AlexKid & Liset Alea

37. E.C.G'ed (REKID Remix) - Mr. G

38. Reflection Nebula 056N (Original Mix) - Tadeo

39. Honolulu (Digitalines Kamehameha Version) - Digitaline


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a mix.
I loved it!


3:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks JB :) good to read that ppl still care downloading AND listening …

10:09 AM  

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