Friday, September 14, 2007

formal experience...



...:::...if experience were a form, what might it look like? would it be possible to describe in more ways than just the attributes (the wrinkles forming around your eyes, your skin tone, your cheek's texture, the sound of your voice, the bent-arm motion of lifting a cup to your lips, of writing the letter 'a' or 'p' or maybe 'q', the shaping of a word in your mouth (tongue to the back of the teeth), the smell of your hair...)...? how many of these singularities does it take to describe you or someone or something?...

my body kinetically monitors the physical way i approach things. it has its easy habits and my thoughts often ride tandem to it. to keep a momentum, i find it takes prying them apart. skinning my mind from the meaty parts (ow! it hurts, and then doesn't)...i am built from layers of days and months and years of life's strata. my form is that sediment, still growing and settling...then weathering...

it's the weathering to which i keep returning...
is it that experience happens to you, or is it that you make your own experience? external and internal, canyon lands emerge. i think perhaps forms are best described in in how does a form make another form? how does it (you?) press against the soft shapeless mass of thousands of jumbled notes to select out and reduce down and re-arrange and organize rhythm and make this new form that perhaps is called a 'song'? how does a form output? how does each new form that has been shaped by the last experience become unique? develop personality? how does it mime or copy and at what point does it disengage from that rocket-ship to interpret, modify, break to re-create?

all of these questions i find rooted in experience, in action, in motion...forming an idea to touch the next material to form the next idea to inform me

download: 070915-modyfier part01

swayzak - distress and calling : aug 2007 on k7 records
lawrence - pond : aug 2007 on dial records
chica & the folder - souffle (sonja moonear dans ma casbah mix): sept 2007 on monika express
**correction** above track is really:
chica & the folder - perfect day (sometimes)(pikaya remix)

touane - chamber : sept 2007 on liebe detail
luciano pizzella - biomes (max cavelerra remix) : jul 2007 on broque
david k - three arches (samim mix) : sept 2007 on tsuba
pan-pot - charly (anja schneider tex mex mix) : sept 2007 on mobilee records
echologist - faith (tokyo mix) : aug 2007 on mule musiq
dj gregory - elle (ame piano mix) : sept 2007 on defected
butane - how low can you go (lee curtiss' rock bottom mix) sept 2007 on dumb unit

download: 070915-modyfier part02

marc houle - techno vocals : sept 2007 on minus
samim - spingbreak : sept 2007 on get physical music
tigerskin & antilope 0 pisserwastole feat. red haring : sept 2007 kompass musik
lutzenkirchen - blind horizon : sept 2007 on craft music
st. plomb & crowdpleaser - 1,2,3 (one day in boston remix) : sept 2007 on mental grooves
dave dk - sweet yellow : aug 2007 on mood music records
mikael jonasson - twenty se7en : sept 2007 on audiomatique records
spektrum & george demure - boys talk snax 'can't get over' mix) sept 2007 on defdrive
filewile - city fitness : may 2007 on mouthwatering records
deadmau5 - not exactly : aug 2007 on mau5trap
nq - monster, skies and cloudy nine (deer remix) : aug 2007 on kitty-yo


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haven't listened to the tracks, but whoa- your words really evoke visuals. The question brings up thought perpetual thought loops.

12:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that was me, RD

12:27 AM  
Blogger modyfier said...

oh good. i like to make more questions. :)

1:27 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

is there any way to contact you through this site. i couldn't find one, so i'm writing in here, could you please e-mail me and say hello, so i can return to you. thanks modyfier.

5:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i echo anonymous above. i too have not heard the set (but will presently). the very first half of the first sentence arrested my attentiveness. Heart-stopping really, "if experience were a form, what might it look like?" AMAZINGLY I had been thinking sort of along these lines just yesterday. YES-TER-DAY. I emphasize for excitement. I was pondering the various frameworks and frames with which we respond and react and taken all this input. And I was starting to think, starting mind you, not finished and not even close to finishing, that framing is itself a frame. That perhaps there is a framework to the framing, a framework that allows us to shift, so smoothly, among the various actions and behaviors and emotions and perceptions and processing that continuously envelopes us. And I turned of course to music to aid this process, and then noticed that music ends in silence. And sometimes you want the silence to last. To linger, to provide an ample space for your ear, or mind, or soul, to absorb, to be at one with, to make amends with this song or note or lyric. Not to argue or reconcile or think or analyse, but to dwell. This dwelling, a house of my making or chosing, constructed in relation to our environment, our weather, our economy, our tastes, this dwelling I experience as a dwelling, even as my own experience shapes, redecorates, interprets the bare space. But neither the space nor the inhabitants are bare. They are full. of possibilities and actualities, of sediment. perhaps ghosts or stains or smells or memories or wrinkles or ..... experiences? forms? frames? life? death? what if life and death were stunned.... stunned just long enough for us to see past that duality and peer at our structure. our life as a structure. are we ready, i mean really ready, for this sediment to be fossilized? i for one am not. but! the fossilization is just another process, of mixing and remixing, arranging and moving some of this to over there. a process not experienced, until when? we wake up again and find not ourselves but something vaguely reminiscent. or prescient, as if it already knows how to function, already experiences and is capable of experiencing and is taking that in and (gasp) growing? or not growing, but exercising its right to existence. Experience looks like a passive word, but it's doubly active, doubly passive. That's why virtues come in four. Now..... to listen. To listen has acquired new meaning. It is something I can hear. Also something I am paying attention to. Also something that making sound. And also something that has been attentively constructed for the purpose of making sound, and not just any sounds but these sounds. And so I must listen with justice to the sounds, and be patient enough to hear them.

1:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok listened now to part01. gotta say it left me scared, trembling. what kind of experience is this? and is our reaction being recorded? and if our reactions are similar, then can they be manipulated? by whom and what design? this song makes me feel happy or sad. it's played on the radio. recordings are a lie. they _could_ be a lie, i mean. and by this could i deceive you into an empty truth. yes, the world is sad. i hear your cough. it disturbs me. i dont want to be recorded, not by you. you do not see my true purpose. but then again i dont need to be recorded or not. your "could" doesnt need to affect my action. i can act because i think this is best and will count for something, whether recording or not. my action will, whether i want it to or not, will count for something in our survival, our continued coexistence. my experience is not your gaze. instead look at what i am gazing at. i am gazing at you. and that over there, and that and that and that and see all these frameworks? these objects of my gazes. i can record or not them at any time. but just look, oh this i like. in fact i like them all. thats why my experience is open. i can take it all in. all senses all thoughts all .
so there's a crisis? there is a crisis. our survival is at stake, so let;s not dally and start doing what? so dark and obscure and troubling this fear of not making a difference terrifying dibilitating dreadful scary slience

9:37 PM  

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