Thursday, September 06, 2007



I admit it: I've never been disciplined enough to keep up with a blog. There, I've said it.

After much constant nagging (motherly instinct dear?), I've started working on this Process piece, barely enough writing to offer a glimpse...

I've been extremely isolated over the past year or so. Strangely enough, it may seem contradictory to the remote viewer - I've been "socializing" probably more than I could possible ever imagine.

Most of the times I only hear frequencies of sound emanating from people's mouths - you know - the usual yap that runs around in music circles/scenes ad nauseum: "well, my music, blah, blah, blah music, blah blah, well, I think that..."

I've decided lately to focus my attention on the sounds between words. The empty spaces so to speak - this is the area where I find myself the most comfortable.

Using only a guitar and (trusty) effect units - just a few days ago - I started composing this sound piece trying to recapture an unexpected occurrence. I tried to recreate a moment in which time stopped for a second and there was nothing except the sound of a sweet voice...No music, people, strangers, pseudo-starts, and so on...just a sense of completion. Connected, isolated, but evolved - traveling without motion - walking without ease while guided by the sounds of her voice...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Modyfier,

Been rading your blog avidly for the last couple of weeks, loving it!

The dl link for Irisarri doesn't seem to be working anymore. Has it been taken down or am I doing something wrong?

Kind regards

5:50 PM  

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