Tuesday, August 21, 2007

mindful motion...


...:::...i've been wrapping my head around modern / post-modern thinking and sound...around universals and specifics...around how feeling is made (or maybe rather, where it comes from)...and find myself hopelessly tangled in a web of (dis)belief...

the more still i sit, the more i realize my mind is in a steady motion. that there is a distance to be traveled between my head and heart that is measured more than nominally. sound often is an easy conductor between the here and there (between a calm melancholy and an energetic bliss). a copper wire....

music can be a way to move feeling. to lengthen and elongate. to become more flexible. listening doesn't require experience, although practice only unfolds so many more possibilities of perception.

in a recent essay by mark greif titled "the meaning of life II: anaesthetic ideology", he talks about anti-experience...about not wanting to feel anymore as a result of an aesthetic environment that can be overwhelming...about reactions to the intrusions of the modern world:

a year ago, i wrote an essay about a modern crisis in experience. i defined experience as the habit of creating isolated moments within raw occurrence in order to save and recount them...since then, i've felt i paid too little attention to a phenomena which is the opposite: the desparate wish for anti-experience. the connection between the quest for experience and the wish for anti-experience isn't chronological. you don't wake up the morning after some final orgy of experience and discover that you can't stand any more. it seems to be, instead, arbitrary and eruptive. you reach points in life at which you can no longer live like other people, though you don't want to die. experience becomes piercing, grating, intrusive. it is no longer out of reach, an occasional throb in the dark. it is no longer a prize, though it is the goal everyone else seeks. it is a scourge. all you wish for is some means to reduce feeling.

for me, this only builds a stronger reason to tap the emotional tree (haul buckets of sap water back to the sugar house. simmer and reduce to a sweet, sticky syrup...) instead of personally withdrawing from an apparent dark universal condition...better to contribute back into the collective good. music moves. mindful motion...:::...

download: 070821-modyfier-part01

lopazzfuck me! : jul 2007 on international deejay gigolo
bitter:sweet – dirty laundry (skeewiff remix) : aug 2007 on quango

italoboyz – viktor casanova (samim mix) : aug 2007 on mothership
black devil disco club – an other skin (days of blackula) (unit 4 remix) : jul 2007 on loeb
rhythm code – virus control : jul 2007 on wooferfood records
i-rob – breeze (luca bachetti remix) : aug 2007 on tenax
voom voom – best friend (henrik schwarz mix) : jun 2007 on g-stone recordings
novox – humanize me : jul 2007 on safari electronique
christian meyer – traveling without leaving : jul 2007 on kitty-yo
kreislauff – xpi : jul 2007 on italo business
arwid – flashback : jul 2007 on bpitch control
will saul & lee jones – hug the scary (partial arts remix) : aug 2007 on aus music
dj yellow – no more enemie (original akienation 9 mix) : jul 2007 on deep focus (beat me)

download: 07082-modyfier-part02

pryda – ironman : aug 2007 on pryda recordings
armand van halden – this ain’t hollywood (radio slave remix) : jul 2007 on southern fried records
falko brocksieper – off the rack : jul 2007 on sub static
peace division – voodoo (its in the wall) : jul 2007 on crosstown rebels
d. ramierez – la diskotek (cagedbaby ceefax nightmare mix remix) : jun 2007 on underwater records
martin eyerer & chopstick – make my day (haunting) feat zdar (mashtronic vocal remix) : jul 2007 on i0 music
soul of man – sukdat (kraak & small’s ‘suk on dat’ remix) : jul 2007 on finger lickin records
matthias heilbronn – jungle in the city (matty’s paradox mix) : jul 2007 on poker flat
argy – malena : jul 2007 on cocoon recordings
benfay – enchantress : apr 2007 on morris audio citysport edition
shinedoe & innersphere – phunk (ricardo villalobos remix) : jul 2007 on intacto
black mustang – mad as hell (sleeparchive disco club mix) : jul 2007 loeb


Anonymous Anonymous said...

At first glance you've posted some *really* nice tracks. Love that bitter:sweet remixed. Will you be at burningman? I'll be at camp Big Time, 9:30 and L... way out there ;)
Cheers and thanks,

4:24 PM  
Blogger Pito said...

you have a good taste, saludos desde NY

7:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

experience and antiexperience. nice thought process there. ever considered that experiencing is just one part of a whole arrays of interactions with our place, our time, our space, our emotions, etc. experiencing sounds essentially passive, receiving an external impression and learning or responding to it. but we are also active participants in their world scene. we can be an experience for others. we can act. the antiexperience is an action undertaken with full thoughtfulness and in full response to all the dimensions of our experience. it is time for us to wake up and dance! and the dance will shape and pattern the rest of our experiences. most definitely.

12:57 AM  
Blogger Gregory J. Trujillo said...

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