Friday, August 31, 2007

in the library...


...:::...i wonder about all those things i don't hear that are making sounds around me. how if maybe i tuned my aesthetic ear to hear every car in passing under the window or the hum of the refrigerator at the back of the studio or the muffled footsteps in the stairwell outside the open door...i might understand the day in a different way. where does my attention lie? and does it mostly rest where it does because that is where it is conditioned? where it is easy? where i understand things?

earlier this month charles simic became the 15th poet laureate of the united states. i heard him read this poem, 'in the library' on the radio:

There's a book called
A Dictionary of Angels
No one had opened it in fifty years,
I know, because when I did,
The covers creaked, the pages
Crumbled. There I discovered

The angels were once as plentiful
As species of flies.
The sky at dusk
used to be thick with them.
You had to wave both arms
Just to keep them away.

Now the sun is shining
Through the tall windows.
The library is a quiet place.
Angels and gods huddled
In dark unopened books.
The great secret lies
On some shelf Miss Jones
Passes everyday on her rounds.

She's very tall, so she keeps
Her head tipped as if listening.
The books are whispering.
I hear nothing, but she does.

it made me want to listen for that whispering. it made me want to find the answer to one question so that i know what one to ask next. mostly it just made me happy and wonder...i will keep my head tipped like miss jones...:::...

download: 070831-modyfier part01

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