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For me, playing club music live is like an "advanced selfish DJ set". What I do is to start by thinking in a traditional DJ way although I of course only pick tracks I've made myself (or at least tracks I've been involved in somehow). So that's where the "selfish" comes from.

Then I try to figure out a play order and structure up all the tracks in two channels in Ableton Live. I use a slider on a MIDI controller to mix between the two channels, just like a crossfader on a normal DJ mixer. Similarly, I have EQ controllers and buttons for adding effects generated by plugins in Live.

The "advanced" part refers to the rest of the channels I'm adding in Live. These I fill up with parts of the songs I'm using in the mix. It could be a beat, a melody or even just individual sounds. These "extras" I sometimes mix in as planned beforehand, sometimes sporadically when it feels right. The purpose is to take the "mixing" one level higher than usual. To mix in sounds from different songs here and there to make the mix even more "mixed".

Doesn't that sound crystal clear? Well, it can't be described with words. It needs to be listened to.

I called this "Late Summer Weekday Mix 2007" because it is sort of based on the track that has gained the biggest success so far, "weekday Trip". The mix starts with Martinez's beautiful bassline from his remix and ends with the original plus some extra layers of the main melody. Between "the trips", you will find everything from the first release "Middlemeal" to remixes of Jussi-Pekka, Mr. Suitcase (with vocals), a bootleg remix of Nelly Furtado(!), a remix by Uppsala star Unai, to exclusive previews of upcoming pumping tracks like "Bring Your Own Bass (Into Space)" and "Cala Cristalina".

Crystal Fake's intention is to start doing live gigs for the first time and this is a first hint of how it may sound.

Recorded Live on 22nd August 2007 in the newly built studio in Uppsala, Sweden.

01. Crystal Fake - Weekday Trip (Martinez Remix) / Out of Orbit Recordings
02. Cyrstal Fake - Frostbite Freenite / Kupei Musika
03. Crystal Fake - Middleman (Clubite Mix) / Force Tracks
04. Crystal Fake feat. Dorje & Talia - Shake Your Body / Twisted Circuits
05. Crystal Fake - Bring Your Own Bass (into Space) / Kritical Noise Records
06. Mr. Suitcase - Stilnocturnal (Crystal Fake's Notturno Remix) / Kitty Litter Records
07. Jussi-Pekka - Last Shift (Crystal Fake Night Shift Remix) / Disco Inc
08. Crystal Fake - Fastbreak / Force Tracks
09. Crystal Fake - Cala Cristalina / Kritical Noise Records
10. Crystal Fake - Monday After (Unai Remiks) / Kupei
11. Nelly Furtado - All Good Things (Crystal Fake Bootleg Remix) / White Label
12. Crystal Fake - Weekday Trip / Out of Orbit Recordings


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