Wednesday, July 11, 2007



sometimes, maybe i don't like things because i don't understand them...this idea explodes into a million kaleidoscopic shards. here is one...

i watched hiroshi teshigahara's 1984 film on antonio gaudi last night...and throughout the sequences of buildings that were lovingly panned and zoomed over, i found myself absolutely awed by the craft and it's execution, but not drawn to the forms with the same force. i have been wondering since them if i am uncertain of them because i have not experienced the spaces they make...

i think to really be a part of an environment takes total immersion...abandoning preconceptions...falling into it bodily (feeling the degrees of change)...becoming part of the record (someone in the photograph)...participating rather than observing...for me, liking something involves knowing it...this takes time. there is a lot of historical (whether it be a day a month a year...) and contextual information to collect. things have meaning in different times and situations...

there is a re-active aesthetic that i think is always present. a personalized filter that makes me gravitate to one thing over another. i hone this with a practice of blind-sampling...looking at buildings without knowing who the architect is, listening to a song without knowing who the artist/producer is or what label it might be on, trying on a dress without knowing who the designer i start to like things, i find i begin to pick out these similar forms in different contexts. they become part of my vocabulary...i think this disciplined sensibility overrides 'style' and with it i create an educated internal environment...a place i want to spend my time in because it has become familiar. from that vantage, i let myself be seduced by aspects of 'interesting' and follow are some songs that are a product of just that.

download: 070711-modyfier-part01

dino da cassino – don’t you (forget about me) (dino lenny orinial – loafer edit) : jun 2007 on audio therapy
justine electra – killalady (the tape remix) : feb 2007 on city slang
rqm & filewile – damn (jahcoozi remix) : apr 2007 on mouthwatering records
snax – honeymoon’s overdose feat. jamie lidell : jun 2007 on tnt
resin dogs – she’s gone (kraak & smaak remix) : may 2007 on quango
tiefschwarz – blow (radio slave remix) : jun 2007 on souvenir music
trabant – nasty boy : jun 2007 on southern fried records
baby oliver – primetime (uptown express) : may 2007 on environ
robosonic – kabala und liebe : jun 2007 on diskomafia
miss kittin & the hacker – dimanche : jun 2007 on goodlife
t.u.s.m.m. – fur immer (sweno n & pascal vert remix) : jun 2007 on catwalk records
gurtz – sum : jun 2007 on einmaleins musik

download: 070711-modyfier-part02

deetron – life soundtrack feat dj bone (rejected interpretation) : jun 2007 on music
let’s go outside – i’ll lick your spine (repeat repeat remix) : apr 2007 on pnuma
kramer – sonne ist da : jun 2007 on get physical music
pierce & twirdy – cuaba (babicz style in full efx) : jul 2007 on yellow tail
shonky – babel : jun 2007 on freak n chic
dusty kid – psika : jun 2007 on boxer recordings
stickroth & ercolino – the giant’s sleep (ripperton remix) : jun 2007 on meerestief ltd
arp aubert – gulden bull : apr 2007 on mirau musik
grindvik – silence below deck : apr 2007 on stockholm ltd
max cavalerra – luck’n’love : jun 2007 on karmarouge records
kelley polar – chrysanthemum : may 2007 on environ
the tape & rqm – innocent (estonji remix) : apr 2007 on kitty-yo
slam – no one left to follow (12 inch edit) : jul 2007 on soma recordings


...special thanks to cameron for the write-up in xlr8r's cosmic times
...check out midnight mike's promo video for a cover of sun ra's 'interplanetary music' with appearances from susumu mukai (zonagmin), bishi & suzy silver who all sing on the recording
...if you are in san francisco, my friend nick philip is opening an imaginary foundation show
at stussy in upper haight. evening. thursday, july 19th. paintings, sculptures & streetwear. show him some love.


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