Friday, July 20, 2007

blending edge conditions...


...:::...the morning jumps at my feet. i stumble. shift my center of gravity to realign to this new perpendicular. i am steady only in constant motion...finding micro-movements and adjustments...

i wonder what life would be like if i thought about it as a string of transitions rather than those describable moments in place and time. if i thought of it as a continuum of spatial perception...(i might wear it around my neck like pearls)...

and what would things sound like if you never actually heard a song itself (as a singularity), but only the blending of the two edge conditions instead. the beginning and the end. would that new sound have it's own identity? would it or could it hint at its origin? and would that even matter?

in 1970, tom phillips published a book called a humument in which the narrative is entirely constructed by graphically blocking out text from another book (william hurrell mallock's 1892 novel a human document) so that only selected words remained. he told a new story from stripping away the original source. a reductive approach to making...

i imagine much music i enjoy as being made in this way...songs made of mergers. songs that are built up and gutted out and re-interpreted...songs that are blended in passive listening...songs that are rooted in a history of sound. in a history of how i hear and experience (the here and now)...and if i concentrate hard enough, i can begin to see how all forms and uneven lines and broken patterns are capable of rearranging on their own accord...flexibly growing with an unwavering intention and so many endless possibilities unfold...:::...

download: -modyfier-part01

turbo crystal – another glass (fabrizio mammarella remix) : jul 2007 on tiny sticks

martin eyerer & oliver koletzki – get wasted part 1 : jul 2007 on stil vor talent

dk7 – killer (lopazz remix) : jul 2007 on dk7

alex-e – pornography : jul 2007 on beat maniacs

chaton – catch the beat (agnes remix) : jul 2007 on sthlmaudio recordings

luke hess – omnipotent (jesse somfay remix) : may 2007 on beretta grey

radio slave – screaming hands (cosmo vitelli radioaktivitat remix) : jul 2007 on rekids

herre & red kite – damals (shadi megallaa remix) : jun 2007 on product schallplatten
christian smith & john selway – transit time (dubfire remix) : jun 2007 on sino

superbass (paul harris & vern) – don’t be silent feat dominique (audiofly remix) : jul 2007 on toolroom

beroshima – horizon (pig & dan remix) : jul 2007 on cocoon recordings
andomat 3000 & jan – l delay : jul 2007 on cadenza

naughty – the world of a man : jun 2007 on mood music records
jorgensen – untitled (deadmau5 remix) : jul 2007 on toolroom

download: -modyfier-part02

dirt crew – big bad city : jun 2007 on dirt crew
kikiorix – plastic house feat georg levin (light house remix by phonique) : jul 2007 on ladies & gentlemen
mikael stavostrand – can you see through my eyes : jul 2007 on spectral sound
mogi – bronco kockica (presslaboys remix) : jul 2007 on wolkenfunken
alex under – extrapezlo : apr 2007 on trapez
tricksi – drakkar : jun 2007 on sonar kollektiv
jens bond – consequence (skoozbot remix) : jul 2007 on immigrant records
spencer parker – beautiful noise (tiger timing remix) : jul 2007 on rekids
tadeo – reflection nebula 056n : jun 2007 on apnea
elon – tamingo (rekleiner mix) : jul 2007 on infant records
dusty kid – the cat (crookers remix) : jul 2007 on southern fried records
arto mwambe – noh ngamebo : apr 2007 on brontosaurus
oscar – snugg (gennaro rossi remix) : jun 2007 on lordag records
worthy – bassquake (alland byallo remix) : jun 2007 on katabatic records
robag wruhme & wighnomy brothers – guppipeitsche : jun 2007 on freude am tanzen recordings


Blogger Unknown said...

Hi... longtime lurker coming out of the gray. I've been enjoying your mixes and posted tracks for a long time now, and just wanted to let you know how much I've appreciated this blog, your musings, and your taste in music.

A previous post of yours regarding the nature of comments here I found very interesting... normally, I read your site through an RSS reader, so it was the first time I noticed that you don't receive enough feedback about the great tracks that get uploaded here once a week or so.

Anyways, keep on keepin' on. :)

3:57 AM  
Blogger Che said...

Your blog is my favorite hands down. I do have to say I have been leaning toward a more housey sound lately. Like I posted a while back, I love the vocals you choose and your taste is spot on. Keep blogging and posting what you love. In the next few days I am going to put together some things I really like at the moment and send them to you. I really like edits.

Hope you had a great weekend.


2:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks again for such a good diverse quality of great music :)
when i need inspiration i always come to your blog and am never let down - amazing mixes too!

3:29 PM  
Blogger modyfier said...

you all make me smile. thanks.

10:29 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Thats correct! Always with very good music. Modyfier ROX!!!

Thanx from BRASIL!!!:)

11:10 AM  
Anonymous price per head said...

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