Friday, June 15, 2007


one of the most important things to me while creating a mix for mass online distribution is that its programming is as perfect as it can possibly be. i'm not the type of person to just grab 15 of the hottest new tracks and work them together. typically, i spend days, if not weeks, selecting and carefully dissecting the songs i will use for a set. its the thoughtful analysis of each and every track i own that allows me to go back through my memory banks and pull this information to create the same experience live that i do when creating a studio mix.

this new two hour set of mine was created out of necessity. not only was i long overdue for one, but i felt the need to remind people that everything people perceive to be "good" and "party-starting" doesn't have to be fast, glitchy, and melodramatic. sometimes the softest and slowest beats work a listener twice as well as the banger.

after a weekend to my home of detroit for the detroit electronic music festival, i was struck with inspiration stemming from one of my heroes, steve bug, and someone i've been dying to see for a long time, paco osuna. between the two of them, they rekindled a fire inside of me that needed to be relit, and, without even knowing it, brought to focus something that i have been struggling to get others to understand - slower bpm's, swirling vocals, and particular atmospherics enclose you in the music and make you one with the crowd around you and the dj you've come to enjoy. these coupled with particular track selection, careful and precise mixing, and a true connection with your audience will yield results not often seen anymore.

01. duoteque - amarcord (my my remix) [boxer recordings]

02. fabio della torre + david c - magenta [tenax]
03. plasmik - pearls on a string [crosstown rebels]
04. let's go outside - i'll lick your spine (repeat/repeat remix) [pnuma]

05. solomun + stimming - feuervogel (guido schneider remix) [diynamic]
06. giles smith + two armadillos - tunnel of light [dessous]

07. kerri chandler - the invaders (the panic) [deeply rooted house]

08. guido schneider - transmission ft. florian schirmacher [pokerflat recordings]
09. peace division - poke [nrk]

10. seth troxler - satisfy [beretta grey]

11. shane berry - fillertet 2 (gabriel ananda remix) [trapez ltd]

12. paco osuna - cretine [plus.8 recordings]
13. phonique - bang [dessous]

14. move d - anne will (vincenzo remix) [liebe detail spezial]
15. polder - strange ways [intacto]
16. rene breitbarth - graveyard swing one [neopren]

17. fraktion - bukl [resopal red]

18. tom clark - meteor im eis (guido schneider remix) [highgrade]
19. james mowbray + leiam sullivan - lost in the tropics (matthias tanzmann remix) [four:twenty]

20. trentemoller - moan (radio slave's remix for k) [pokerflat recordings]

21. k3 + alice lascelles - play to win (radio slave dub) [big love]

lil' louis + the world - i called u (acapella) [house acapellas]
22. right side reverse - invisible (nathan's hide + seek dub) [cyclo]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Eric. Detroit was an amazing muse. Love ya brotha. This mix is incredible.

12:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love from some guy in Iowa. Thanks for giving away what you love, so we can love it too.

8:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice, well structured and just flows realy well. I have found myself clicking on a section of the mix and just listen while i work, not a dull moment!

5:06 AM  
Blogger guy jean said...

...a thoughtfully structured and patiently executed collage of sound...very darling.

10:00 PM  
Blogger dm3 said...

hi,im looking for that lil lois accapella,but cant find it nowere.
can u post some link 4 me!

11:43 AM  

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