Thursday, May 31, 2007

witnessing a collection...
...:::...thoughts return to the meaning of the word “collection”. particularly in music, where ultimately the thing that is being kept is the sound itself and the physical object (the record, the cd, the archaic cassette) or the anti-object (the digitized file) are merely the vehicles transporting the content.

however, being the creature that i am, i notice i tend to have an attachment to tangible things…a gravitation to physically perceive…to assign characterized adjectives to naked nouns, dress them up in various ways with an experience based vocabulary.

but my personal paradox is that despite being such a visual person, i have a pregnant collection of digital files that exist in an abstracted state…almost ethereal. and it has left me wondering lately: what does a digital collection look like? and how important is the relationship between the object form and the subsequent sound?

maybe it would matter more if i had a shelved wall that was already weighted with vinyl and graphic sleeves, always lonely for more company. or maybe it would matter more if i had a perfectly tuned ear. or maybe it would matter more if i actually spun records and could associate a tactile feel to music (almost like a topography, my fingers sensitive to the pressed terrain)...

but for me maybe it matters not at all if i think only of the sound as audial information. if i think of the music i collect as an opportunity to assemble and re-arrange narrative into abstraction (or vice-versa) through re-sequencing songs. creating new contexts and relationships. condensed and transportable, my digital collection expands into environments wherever i may be. rains digitized sounds from binary coalescence...:::...

download: 070529-modyfier-part01

blaze – lovelee dae (subsky reconstruction) : apr 2007 on vivid trax
raz ohara – whitmey na (nass aka geiger ride vocal remix) : may 2007 on kindisch
alex neri & luca bacchetti – la fotografia : may 2007 on tenax
mike shannon – devotional : may 2007 on cynosure recordings
henrik schwartz – walk music : apr 2007 on mood music records
crystal fake – weekday trip (martinez remix) : may 2007 on out of orbit recordings
shlomi aber – freakside : may 2007 on ovum recordings
hertz – aluminum : may 2007 on atom
david granha – going up : may 2007 on acid milk recordings
dusty kid – tsunamy : may 2007 on systematic
redshape – munch : may 2007 on delsin records
stefan goldman – aurora : may 2007 on macro recordings
extrawelt – doch doch (patrick zigon remix) : may 2007 on traum

download: 070529-modyfier-part02

minilogue – urubamba : apr 2007 on wir
henrichs & hirtenfellner – violet rain : may 2007 on karateklub
audiofly x & liars paradise – speak b4 u think (audiofly vs geddes remix) : may 2007 on renaissance
audion – fred’s bells : may 2007 on spectral sound
eric prydz – rymd : may 2007 on pryda recordings
polder – strange ways : may 2007 on intacto
stp – whispers in the dark (winks dream of ovum remix) : apr 2007 on I records
the viewers – blank images (lazy fat people remix) : may 2007 on audiomatique recordings
tom mangan – tenax : may 2007 on souvenir music
zentex – menosa : may 2007 on minisketch
salvor – the story is : may 2007 on acid milk recordings

of note: go check out 8ball's mix deckless modifications assembled from findings here. i like it very much.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Part01 has this track missing:
hertz – aluminum : may 2007 on atom

Can you reupload, please?


3:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forget my last post. Found that track in part2 :)
And I also found there one unaccounted track:
pryda û rymd.mp3

Sorry... am I being too picky?
I just like to listen the tracks by the order of your list. They make more sense to me that way... yeah, I'm picky ;)


4:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oops... forget again my last post.
The unaccounted track is in fact this one:
eric prydz – rymd

Ok, everything checks now... :)


4:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with you -- technology is always challenging my mental models of connection and possession. I started playing vinyl, and remember the Luddite's revulsion I felt when I saw the first gen of CDJs at work, and near pity I felt for the desperate contortions of the technologists who hybridized mp3s with vinyl grooved with timecode. But I got over it, slowly, and the tech got much better -- I used to dig for vinyl every weekend, the I started supplementing with online shopping, still vinyl, and now I mostly buy and burn mp3s. I'm sure burning will be the next to go, along with the folio of CDs.

Tangentially, collections aren't the only area of culture formerly dominated by the tangible. We Make Money Not Art had this really cool post on digital remembrance and mourning. Tech has a very new implication on the process many go through of going through the belongings of their deceased loved ones -- and what to do with a BlogSpot, MySpace, Flickr, etc. account...

Thanks for the link!

8ball at space cowboys dot org

6:39 PM  
Blogger Noah said...

Haha, I never thought I would ever see a Prydz track on this blog, nice one!

1:20 PM  
Blogger modyfier said...

:: anon - glad you got all sorted.

:: josh - thanks for the thoughts.

:: mbf - always expect the unexpected.

3:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still listenning to your previous "chart" (050715)

Glad to see a new selection of yours
(and a new draw)


9:53 AM  
Blogger Monotremu said...

so far is the best selection i heard from you. i know i´m subjective but in this case i don´t care.
thx again

11:00 AM  

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