Friday, May 04, 2007


...:::...i've been thinking, lately, about...the periphery....

about how so much of what i make creatively is a by-product of my day to day work (i.e. these drawings, this writing, these collected sounds). and it floats there, just out of view...a vague form. something with weight and mass and presence, but never in full view...

and i wonder, sometimes, what it might be like to look it directly in the face. to see myself in full view. because mostly, what i am aware of is the light of brainy sparks that condense into a halo around my head...of information flying wildly around (ricocheting off my moveable walls, transfiguring space)...and how it gets captured in these brief moments of interpretation...that today say one thing and tomorrow...i hope to build clarity, consistency...

but this creates a paradox i sometimes forget to yield to talk about abstraction without being abstract?...sometimes, i find, the best approach is to leave things less prescriptive or obsessively detailed. that is, to not re-invent language to describe a new process, a new idea. you have to bring new associations to old words, to old objects, to old places....

i heard an interview on npr the other day with a screenwriter (i'm sorry i don't have his name) who was talking about how he works. and he was saying how fun it is to write the first draft, because it is the most free...because no one is looking over his shoulder yet...and he was saying how it is not until the third or fourth draft, when the big players start rolling in and getting nervous about investing money into the project, that they all start demanding different things. and his job, at this turn, is to make one suit fit everyone: for the midget, for the giant and for the fatman (all of whom are demanding different things). do you know that feeling? i do...and that's why i collect all these off-shoot ideas...all these possibilities, all these tangential thoughts and triggered images, patterns decaying...

and like a bird, i push my head forward when i walk. do you know why? because it creates a greater cone of vision. a wider periphery...

download: 070504-modyfier part01

different – pattern of parklands (unai remiks) : apr 2007 on kupei musika
sunset blvd – tell me about america feat kass (mikael delta remix) : mar 2007 on klik records
scsi-9 – senorita tristeza (nikos diamantopoulos remix) : mar 2007 on klik records
sebbo – beirut boogie : apr 2007 on liebe detail
dirt crew – deep (we are) (sasse remix) : apr 2007 on dirt crew
lars wickinger – villa incognito : apr 2007 on liebe detail
ritch & collins – fortuna : apr 2007 on get physical music
jake fairley – presence : apr 2007 on cereal / killers
ozgur can – escape (version 8) : apr 2007 on furry music
guy gerber – cleptomaniac : apr 2007 on saw recordings
superpitcher – superjam : apr 2007 on kompakt

download: 070504-modyfier part02

hirtenfellner & heinrichs – travel to me : apr 2007 on lordag record
reinhard voigt – charge your dreams : may 2007 on kompakt
soz adams – liars chair : apr 2007 on archipel
the screetch – the screetch (dusty kid remix) : apr 2007 on great stuff
delon & dalcon – freak (martin eyerer remix) : apr 2007 on boxer recordings
akiko kiyama – deadsea : apr 2007 on contexterrior
remo – mizar (audiofly remix) : mar 2007 on viva music
galen – playing games (chuck e cheeze remix) : mar 2007 on utensil recordings
toka project – people : apr 2007 on robsoul recordings
mighty dub katz – magic carpet ride 07 (radio edit) : apr 2007 on southern fried records


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great music, great selection.
I've been hearing your selections for some months now and I must say they always astound me. I would never find this music, these artists otherwise.
Thank you.
Just one question. Did you forget to zip Jake Fairley track? I can't find it...


3:10 PM  
Blogger modyfier said...

you are welcome...and oops. i guess i did forget that one in the's a link for a little bit:

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



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