Tuesday, May 15, 2007

nothing is something...


...:::...i've been wondering how to call the motion in-between one action and another, or the space in-between one place and the next...and what i keep coming back to is that it's really a matter of perception...of expanding observation...for what might look like an empty room could really be echoing with sound or seductive with kitchen smells or uncomfortable with heat...

and so, once again, language...

and what may seemingly be called "nothing" is really my "everything"...because it fills me up with curiosity and i am happiest when i find myself lingering there...:::...

download: 050715-modyfier part01

mr. v – da bump (ame vox mix) : may 2007 on vega records
lukas greenberg – so tight : may 2007 on platic city
blue foundation – sweep (mikkel metal reshape vox) : apr 2007 on renaissance
makossa & megablast – rip it up : feb 2007 on g-stone recordings
krost – chapter one (trentemoller mix) : mar 2007 on quango
shadi megallaa – julia haus : apr 2007 on kalimari
soylent green – la forza del destino (radio slave remix) : apr 2007 on playhouse
danton eeprom – one thing leads to another (dub edit) : apr 2007 on tsuba
studio – life’s a beach! (prins thomas mix) : apr 2007 on information
the nova dream sequence – dream 3 (abyssal-ienation remix) : apr 2007 on compost
the green men (sasse & nick chacona) – blink (supadub) : apr 2007 on buzzin fly records
ralph falcon – i need someone (richard dinsdale remix) : may 2007 on nervous records
random factor – digitize (finstrumental) : may 2007 on 2020 vision recordings
alexander robotnick – we love the music : may 2007 on hot elephant music

download: 070515-modyfier part02

dan berkson – the hollow : may 2007 on crosstown rebels
lusine – push : may 2007 on ghostly international
pablo bolivar – near the house : apr 2007 on regular
bloody mary – m10 : may 2007 on sender records
anthony steele & zeu – difficult to predict : may 2007 on wolf & lamb music
steadycam – in the moog for love : may 2007 on kompakt
touane – di sotto : apr 2007 on persona
matt flores – blackboard universe : apr 2007 on compost
giles smith & two armadillos – tunnel of light : may 2007 on dessous recordings
daniel mehlart – der tonkopfreiniger : apr 2007 on karmarouge records
dennis ferrer – son of raw (loco dice brooklyn roll bonus beats mix) : may 2007 on objectivity
goodwill & tommy trash – it’s a swede thing (mike monday remix) : may 2007 on hussle black
phase – subantrieb 004 : may 2007 on autist records
florian meindl – my way : may 2007 on flash


Blogger Che said...

Amazing post. You have such great taste in music. You have a def. knack for picking out all the diamonds in the rough I miss. The vocal tracks you pick out are so spot on too. Thank you for doing what you do.

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A long time since I have heard some worthwhile electro.... possibly 2002.

Thanks again Ms Modifyer,

Ben Businovski.

9:26 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Nice blog!!! and thanks for the mp3s!!


12:05 PM  
Blogger MIKKseria said...

i celebrate one year with your blog:)

"heavy matters...
was my first time;)

and of course devine post as always.

3:08 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...


your blog is very interesting !
are you ok for echange links ?
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> math95@gmail.com


7:51 AM  

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