Monday, May 21, 2007

the next three posts will feature process pieces from someone else, [a]pendics.shuffle and mikael stavostrand...all of whom will be performing live may 26th in san francisco at fat city's filter monthly.

the process series that is run on modyfier aims to bring varying perspectives (of artists, deejays (and sometimes critics)) to the question, “how do you make?”. pairing an mp3 (a mix, a track, a string of sampled sounds, field recordings, etc…) with some words about it's construction, the hope is to create a diverse body of work that both shows and tells the eclectic approaches to music making.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What you are doing is so cool, and i wanna just say thank you for your great work.

I visit you for about 6 months =D

And there's no reason to worry for the artists, cause i think a lot people, incl. me, still buy a lot of tracks on vinyl or buy them digital on beatport, kompakt, gigolo...

best wishes for you,

1:13 AM  

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