Wednesday, May 23, 2007



The things that inspire me to put sounds together to make into something you might listen or dance to are plenty. Inspiration comes from listening to various kinds of music and sounds made by human beings and machines, machines that can and will speak on their own without any knowledge of future co-operation with beings containing human forms of exercise or rational thoughts. I must say though, in real life, the people that move me the most and inspire me to live aren't other techno producers but mad-men such as Brian Wilson, King Tubby, Mad Professor and Merle Haggard. Everything works in its own really depends which one you decide to live in...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bloomin great stuff! Energy and flowing with a sense of darkness this man always seems to play with. Not only one of my favourite producers, he can mix as well! How about a track listing for some of those gems??

5:05 AM  

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